The Busy Giffs: Seekonk Grand Prix

August 16, 2018

Seekonk Grand Prix

Thanks to a Seize the Deal... deal... I was able to grab a discounted gift card to Seekonk Grand Prix in Seekonk, MA.  My kids are obsessed with mini golf and anything that resembles racing like Vanellope from Wreck IT Ralph so a half priced gift card seemed like a good thing to have tucked in my back pocket.

We had some great weather and a full morning and afternoon with no commitments so we took the drive to Seekonk, intent on going mini golf and taking a lap around in the go-karts.

Seekonk Grand Prix is easily accessible and there's a ton of free parking around the building.
Upon entering, there is an area to purchase your play cards.  You can preplan what you're going to do and just purchase that amount on the card or you can throw on an arbitrary amount and reload as needed.  Since we already had $50, we were free to head out to whatever activities we wanted.

In addition to mini golf and go karts (so many different tracks!), they also have a suspended ropes course, bumper cars, bumper boats and an arcade. Since Emmalee is only 46" and Tyler even shorter, we didn't have to pay for either to race in the family go-karts-score!

We started with mini-golf.  My kids are obsessed with it, but oh, so terrible at it. The 18 hole course was great for them.  MOst holes were a Par 3 or 4 so not too difficult, but interesting enough with barriers, log "short cuts" and lots of water features that made you constantly fear that you'd lose your ball.  Emmalee especially loved the waterfall feature on the course!

After mini-golf we went to the family track and again, the kids got to ride free since they were too short to ride alone. The kids had so much fun and it was really enjoyable! It's a great track that loops around, going under a bridge and through a fake mountain! We were allowed to do a few laps around so it was a great value!

We decided to check out the kid track since Tyler really wanted to drive a go-kart and was surprised to find that he could drive (they just have to be 4 years old and under 48"!) so both kids went for a spin.  It's a smaller track but they had to have taken 15-20 laps on it so again, a great value and they loved it!

Since we still had money left on our card (seriously, $50 took us so far!), we went inside to play arcade games.  The kids found their favorites.  I was frustrated with the swipe card.  It didn't always register and we'd have to swipe it 10 times to get it to work.  The great thing was that they fixed it so quick when Dave brought it up to the counter and they replaced it. They even reset the air hockey for us when the game started but no puck came out.

Super exciting is that the ropes course is suspended above the arcade so the kids were enthralled watching people climb around. It's a very small course in comparison to the outdoor course I've done but still looked like it would be fun for an older kid. 

Additionally, there's a small snack bar that served ice cream and vending machines had sodas so we really had everything we'd need while there! If we had stayed longer we may have needed a more substantial lunch but with so many local restaurants, it really wasn't an issue. 

We loved our visit to Seekonk Grand Prix and will be going back again soon! What would you be most interested to do while there?

xo, Heather

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