The Busy Giffs: Family Favorites from Sweet Suite 2018

August 1, 2018

Family Favorites from Sweet Suite 2018

Once again, I had the great fortune of attending Sweet Suite in NYC and this time Emmalee came along.  There were so many amazing things shown in preparation for the holiday season but here are a few of my favorites for the family that really stood out!

1. Nintendo Switch

I know... I know... we are crazy not owning one already but in my defense, I was worried about Tyler and it.  The fact it can move around and be lost is terrifying but he's done so well with his tablet this year so I think Santa might be bringing this as a family gift this year!

2. Monster Match

We love, love, love this game! It's such a great game for families and so easy even my 4 year old is playing with us! So far, I'm the undefeated champion! It's a fast paced game but there's a ton of strategy behind it too.  The fact that it travels easily makes it a winner for sure.

3. Mad Matter

If we could have spent all night at this booth we would have! Mad Matter is a super soft modeling compound that squishes and cuts in the coolest ways. I especially love that it doesn't stick to anything except itself so no more mess on couch or floor!

4. Real Cooking Mini Tart Maker

Nothing says happy family in our house like cooking breakfast together on the weekend. This mini tart maker is perfect for making individual sized tarts in the morning.  Each person can choose their own fillings and unlike other treat makers, they include a recipe for making your own pastry so you're not constantly buying refills!

5. Glove A Bubble

These are so much fun. Full disclosure- I've purchased at least 10 more since Sweet Suite! They are perfect for bringing to the park, over a friend's house, or just for playing in the back yard.  It's so easy the 4 year old can get hundreds of bubbles with a couple waves of his hand! The animal designs are super cute and since I've purchased than for less than 42 at Walmart-- it's easy to stock up!

6. Razor Scooters

Razor scooters have been around forever and are obviously the number 1 choice when it comes to scooters, but the Razor Jr Lil Electric Scooter is my new favorite! It's perfect for the kids-- it has 3 wheels and a sturdy base, plus it's electric! No more trying to push off and ride.  Tyler likes to stand o it and hit the butto so it goes! The scooter tops out at 2 mph but the kids just love it!

7. Kids First Microscope

Anything that encourages learning is a go in our house and Emma freaked over this microscope! It's bright and colorful and includes 24 slides with 3 images so my kids can start to explore.  They also include blank slides so we can investigate things we find on our nature walks. It's perfect for the whole family!

8. VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

Emma has been asking for a karaoke machine and this is one looks like so much fun! Anything made by Vtech is usually a win and this looks no different! While it can be plugged into an mp3 player, it also includes 8 of its own songs, some games, a disco light, and a voice changer! You can even record yourself for up to 2 minutes.  Emma had a blast jamming out with this at Sweet Suite so I can only imagine what both kids would do in the living room!

9. Ooze Labs Slime

Hear me out... I hate slime... like really despise the stuff but Ooze Labs are pretty cool.  Each comes in it's own tube and they are so much cooler than regular slime. There's slime that glows in the dark, magnetic slime, glitter slime, and magic sand.  Our favorite is slime that responds to sunlight!

10. Basic Fun Arcade Games

Sometimes it's fun to go retro and the retro arcade games from Basic Fun are perfect for the whole family! Tyler loves Pac Man but I'm hoping to grab Frogger sooner rather than later!

Tyler and Emma picked out their favorites too-- be sure to check back for those posts soon!

xo, Heather

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