The Busy Giffs: Lemon Raspberry Short Cut Cupcakes

May 10, 2018

Lemon Raspberry Short Cut Cupcakes

My favorite flavor combination is raspberry and lemon and it is such a spring time combination. Cupcake Charlies is a favorite of mine and I always look for their lemon raspberry cupcakes.  I've been unsuccessful in finding them recently so I decided to make some of my own.  

I have a crazy schedule and am always looking for ways to save a little time.  As delicious as made from scratch cupcakes are, sometimes a boxed mix is exactly what you need. I am especially fond of Pillsbury's Lemon cake mix and since I only need to add a few ingredients, it's quick and easy. Add in raspberry preserves and canned frosting and you can have delicious cupcakes in under an hour.

They are always what I need in that moment and while they are never as good as Cupcake Charlies, they are delicious. Do you ever use boxed mixes?

xo, Heather

Competitive Dance Team

This year we started a new adventure-- competitive dancing! I will admit I was hesitant... I've never even seen an episode of Dance Mom...


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