The Busy Giffs: Fresh, Delicious, Easy Drinks with RIPE Bar Juice

May 28, 2018

Fresh, Delicious, Easy Drinks with RIPE Bar Juice

Disclaimer: I was provided product in exchange for this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The unofficial kick off of summer is today! I'm not sure how Memorial Day became the summer kick off, but after paying our respects to the fallen, it's a good weekend to grill some food, have a drink, and start the countdown to summer.

Thanks to Ripe, I can easily make drinks perfect for the summer weather. One of the biggest stresses for me while hosting is that I never seem to have all the ingredients I need. I wanted to start my day with a mimosa buuuuuuut I was out of champs and had no sparkling wine.  Then I thought about a bloody mary and while I didn't have many of the ingredients I needed, I did have Ripe's Bloody Mary mix which meant I only needed vodka, and honestly, when don't I have vodka on hand? I used some shrimp, bacon, olives, and a tomato to really beef up my brunch drink!

I will admit that Bloody Mary drinks are not my favorite but they are so perfect for the morning.  My real love lies with margaritas. Sadly, not all are created equal.  I'm a big fan of my own Margarita recipe but it's nothing in comparison to Ripe's! It was the perfect mix and all I needed to add was some tequila. Dave does not like tequila but enjoyed drinking just the Bar Mix, which means it must be good, right?

Best margarita mix, cold pressed

A little salt and it was perfect!

Ripe Bar Mixes are perfect and easy for all sorts of events, even just a drink by myself. No extra ingredients to stock, no concerns about ratios... Ripe Bar Mixes come in lots of flavors, like Bloody Mary, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, and Lemon Sour.  I am especially excited to try out the Bajan Punch! RIPE Craft Bar Juice is the nation's first cold-pressed, fresh juice bar mixer and are all natural with no preservatives. I love that the taste is so amazing that having a virgin drink would be so easy with these craft juices.

The company itself is based out of New Haven, CT but you can use the FIND RIPE tool to see what local stores carry it!

Each bottle has a shelf life of about 70 days so I will be stocking up on them for the summer.
Which are you most excited to try?

xo, Heather

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