The Busy Giffs: How Is It March?!

March 7, 2018

How Is It March?!

Do you ever wonder where whole months of time go? Okay, well... not actually not remembering it but I make all these plans and next thing I know, it's 4 weeks later and I've accomplished nothing.

Well, I guess it hasn't been nothing...

We've been doing so much dance. With Emma competing now, we are super busy! More practices, weekends spent at competitions, and we spend more time fundraising to help pay for it all! I love, love, love her dancing but it's definitely made the weeks fly by quicker lately.

I turned 32! Yikes! I had a great birthday lunch and saw a spirit reader with my closest family and friends. It was so fun!

And my job has just been amped up.  I took on 3 adviser positions this year, not realizing I'd be switching positions a month into the year and between learning how to do my job AND balancing all the advisor responsibilities, some days it's hard to breath at work.

I have gotten so much dental work done. I know... weird to talk about... but after going years (and I mean yeeeeeears) with dental insurance it's quite a process to get my teeth back where they need to be.  As much as I have anxiety about the dentist, it feels so great knowing I'm on the right track to be healthier and set better examples for my kids.

Speaking of healthy-- I've lost 20 lbs since Thanksgiving! I'm still getting ultrasounds on my thyroid bi-monthly and taking a daily dose of my thyroid medicine, but again, it feels so great to see and feel the changes in my body.

I have a ton of things to write about so hopefully I'll be back soon!

xo, Heather

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