The Busy Giffs: American Girl Cafe - Boston

March 8, 2018

American Girl Cafe - Boston

After Emma discovered and fell in love with American Girl dolls when we went to New York, our family started heading to the local American girl for lunch and to check out the new doll of the each each January.  It's a great "girl day" for us. In addition to my daughter and myself, my mom, both of my sisters, my aunt and my grandmother all went to lunch.  Count it... that's 4 generations! How lucky are we that we have that still? There's only 74 years between Emmalee and her great grandmother, so I hope that she gets to have so many more years of memories with her.

Have you ever been to an American Girl Cafe? Honestly, the first time we went, I had pretty low expectations. I know, I know... for a company that makes such amazing products, I doubted their lunch.  I assumed it would be expensive and bland, because, let's be honest, more "character" things are.  I was so pleasantly surprised.

American has a great menu. Like a really great menu.  The meal includes a starter and the entree, and is only $16.50 plus applicable tax in the Natick store.  I spend that on a meal when I go out with my husband so it's a great price! Drinks range from $2.25 for hot tea to $5 for a Specialty Shake. Desserts range from $4.50 to $6.50, but they do offer 2 desserts that serve up to 6 people for $21- I need to try one one day!

We ordered tons of food.  From starters like fruit fondue, warm pretzel bites, hummus and pita, and warm artichoke dip to mozzarella sticks and chicken noodle soup, there is something for everyone.  Emma ordered the ever popular chicken tenders. One of my sisters ordered a turkey club sandwich and my other sister ordered a Herb Salmon, perfect for her pescatarian lifestyle.  I splurged on a grilled chicken sandwich with caramelized onions and a few others grabbed the Warm Bacon Dressing with a spinach salad. The meals are attractive to both kids and grown ups. All of them were delicious and we were passing plates back and forth the whole meal.

Dessert is super fun too! They have great prices so again, we all ordered different things and shared.  I didn't even get pictures of everything because we ate them too fast! They have the classics like an ice cream sundae, and how cute are the 3 mini cones!?, but I went with a Chocolate Chip cookie sundae and ohhhh man... so good. Emma's dessert was the cutest.  It came with 2 cupcakes, one for her and one for her doll, plus frosting and toppings to decorate them herself!

I love how included the dolls are! We got a high chair for both the dolls with us that day, plus doll sized plates and coffee mugs! If you don't have your own doll, they have dolls and Wellie Wishers that you can borrow for the meal so everyone can feel included.

After lunch we did some shopping, using up our Christmas gifts cards and had such an amazing trip! It's such a great way to spend the day with the women in our lives.

The local Boston store has tons of amazing events coming up in the next few months and I can't wait to head back up for a little more mommy and me time!

xo, Heather

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