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November 28, 2017

Mom's Grown Up Christmas List

Whenever someone asks for my Christmas wishlist, this song gets stuck in my head...

Admit you, you thought about this song too, and if not, you will now.

I honestly don't have many wishes this year, and most of what I want actually counts as stuff for the house instead of just for me, and honestly it's a true wishlist.
I'd love a new living rug, one like this or this, since the kids have destroyed the one we have over the past 3 years.
 I'd love if the fence around my house actually went all the way around my house.
I'd love electric plugs in the basement.
I can't wait to tile our backsplash. I fell in love with the blue color of this glass tile, but so far it's a no go- this one might be pretty too.
I'd love a new sofa -- I'm particularly obsessed with beige 3 seat sofas but a standard Ikea Ektorp wouldn't be bad either.
I'd love a side board/server/hutch for my kitchen, that could go next to our desk. We have a great gallery wall and I'd love to have a piece to anchor and offer storage so I'm not always going down stairs for my fancier dishes, etc.

And I'm so hard to shop for clothes for. I'm so picky. However, I took advantage of great sales and just bought basically a new wardrobe-- new pants and tops and shoes! I spent under $150 for all of it so I'm happy to do it myself and get the things I love for super low prices! And did I mention I bought new slippers?! I can't wait for those to come in the mail!

I did say I'd come up with a few things I really want under my tree so...

A Kendra Scott Elisa necklace. Honestly, the one I want doesn't exist but thankfully, Kendra Scott allows you to use the color bar and create your own! I'd do a Rhodium plated with either the Dichroic glass or the Emerald Kyocera Opal. Both are so gorgeous!

Taylor Swift tickets. Don't judge me. I am loving her new album.  I saw her over 10 years ago and then stayed away but after Reputation, I'd love a seat as a Christmas gift!

A Heat Press or the Cricut Easy Press. I've been having so much fun using my Cricut machine to make shirts for Emmalee and Tyler, but it's difficult using the iron to apply as much pressure as I need. The Easy Press is new and people seem to love it, but it's only 9" by 9".  However, it's super portable and since I'm often carrying things up from my basement to the kitchen table to work-- it would be so convenient! There are so many heat presses on Amazon for around the same price (or less!), like this one, this one, and this one that have a bigger area, but I'd honestly be happy with either!

An Instant Pot. It seems like everyone has one lately and honestly, I held back since I love my crockpot but so many mornings I forget to set it up and then I'm scrambling for dinner. With an Instant Pot, I could throw in frozen chicken and still have a delicious meal shortly after!

A Kitchenaide Stand Mixer, either a classic or a mini, but honestly, the classic seems to be less than the mini everywhere I look! I'd love a silver or matte grey one to go with my kitchen, but I'm not choosy! My husband bought me a stand mixer a few years back but, unfortunately, the beaters didn't go down far enough in the bowl so if I only had a couple egg whites in it that needed beating, the blade didn't reach! I had to hold the bowl up in the air and that really defeated the purpose of having a stand mixer!

A hand lettering kit. I love hand lettering and would love to actually get better at it! Kits like this one and this one (and obviously some markers to go with) would be awesome to find under the tree!

However, there are a few things that won't fit under the tree that I'd love. I'm a big fan of experiences as gifts and I'd be so excited to find out I was going to have my palm read or would be able to attend a cake decorating class (like at Michael's), or a cooking class (either fun with my friends or romantic with the husband!), or a photography or hand lettering class. There are so many on Eventbrite, I'm sure I could find something local! Honestly, a night of free babysitting so Dave and I could grab a drink would be more than enough!

I know I'm getting old since I have such a boring Christmas wishlist but I kind of love it! What are you asking for?

xo, Heather

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