The Busy Giffs: Holiday Hot Toy: Paw Patrol Lookout Tower

November 15, 2017

Holiday Hot Toy: Paw Patrol Lookout Tower

I was provided this toy in exchange for a review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Shopping for both of my kids has been ridiculously easy this year. They love all the toys that are out and I think so many of them are actually adorable and fun! Tyler has been a huge fan of Paw Patrol over the past year and it's one of those shows that I am actually okay with him loving! The characters are super cute and the show is literally based around being helpful and good to others!

It was no surprise to me that much of Tyler's holiday wishlist revolves around Paw Patrol: more characters, the Ride on Quad, the Air Patroller Plane, and the Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower.

The Lookout Tower would absolutely be a WOW present this year. It's 3 feet tall and works with all of the other regular size Paw Patrol vehicles he already owns. Here's a quick commercial:

But let's be honest, watching our own kids play with the toys is so much better! I love that the My Size Lookout Tower is large enough for Tyler to play with his friends. 

The end of the slide is the coolest- it shoots the pups in the air and into their vehicle! The rortating base allows each pup to jump into their own vehicle.

He's always all smiles when it comes to Paw Patrol!

The working elevator moves the pups up and down if needed. The My Size Lookout Tower also has lots of different buttons that activate things like lights and sounds, or the pups' signature catch phrases!

It's such a great toy and we are hoping Santa leaves it under our tree! Otherwise, you can purchase it at Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, or Walmart, as well as lots of other major stores! Let me know who you'll be picking it up for!

xo, Heather

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