The Busy Giffs: Getting Pretty at Salon V Beauty Lounge

October 23, 2017

Getting Pretty at Salon V Beauty Lounge

Can I start off by saying I love that I have a job where I follow my dreams?
You may or may not know that I just took a super scary jump and changed from the familiarity of teaching English to high school students to being a Special Education teacher for those same kids! I've always wanted to get into Special Education, knowing that one day I want to be an administrator, but it's scary leaving something safe and comfortable for something unknown!

I'm super excited to announce that my friend also made a huge jump this year-- leaving education and opening up her own salon! Granted, she was a vocational teacher in the cosmetology department so it's not a huge jump... but owning your opening up your own business is crazy! This isn't like me and my shampoo, you know, where it's just me and my box of samples in my living room... her new salon is a full out brick and mortar and I'm obsessed for her!

Vanessa has been doing my hair for almost 2 years now. I fell in love with her and her love of color and haven't gone to anyone since.  She's turned my hair a gorgeous ashy brown, a super fun platinum blonde, and even put pink streaks in my girl's hair! I trust her more than anyone else I know so I was determined to be one of her first clients in her new space!

It's gorgeous to walk into...

It's calm and fun all at the same time.  Vanessa is a classy kind of lady but it really shows in her salon. I love how gorgeously understated it is. The studio has 6 chairs so you really feel like family chatting with everyone.  I joke that spending time with Vanessa in one of her chairs in the best therapy I get, and her scalp massage while washing your hair is to die for....

And the color... oh emm gee! Vanessa is amazing when it comes to color and this visit was no different! I apologize for the Snapchat photos, but seriously, how else would I take a selfie...

It's the perfect fall transition for my super blonde hair.

In addition to hair, Vanessa offers waxing and it's the best ever. With super sensitive skin, I usually have to get my eyebrows done, you know the 4 times a year it happens, when I have no other plans for the day because I get so red and splotchy. Not this time! I don't know what magic miracle wax she uses but I was amazed at how little red there was and how quickly that small bit disappeared! I may be getting them done more often now!

Vanessa has also hired an amazing staff who can give great cuts and manicures. Emma needs a cut soon and I imagine she'll love getting her nail done after!

Salon V is located in New Bedford and you can check the salon out online at the Salon V Beauty Lounge Facebook Page. Let her know I sent you!

xo, Heather

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