The Busy Giffs: Getting Creative with Antsy Pants

September 7, 2017

Getting Creative with Antsy Pants

Way back during Blogger Bash, I got to check out the Antsy Pants line.  It's seriously adorable and fosters so much creativity.  If you know me, you know I love toys that inspire my kids to play and use their own creative minds. Antsy Pants is one of those amazing toys!

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Antsy Pants creates limitless play and fun because it's a system of poles, connectors, and covers to create whatever your kids can imagine.

We were lucky enough to receive a small kit which build a whole bunch of different things from a tent to a stand and with the extra accessories, you can build a ball pit, a lemonade stand, a Farmer's Market, or a tee pee! In addition to our Small Kit, we received the Donut Shop cover and a package of felt donuts, perfect for our kids!

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It's no secret we love donuts and with multiple donut stores near by, we never have a hard time grabbing some on the weekends.  We decided this weekend, in honor of the new Antsy Pants line launch at Target, we'd let the kids set up their own donut stand in the living room!

toys, holiday gifts for kids

The Small Kit comes with an instruction book if you're looking to make the ball pit, a tent, a tee pee, or one of the stands so it was super easy to build our Donut Shop! Even after building the Donut Shop, there were extra poles and connectors so we could customize as we wanted!

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The Kit Cover is super adorable.  The pink and white stripes cover the poles and the awning and front Donut Shop sign really set the scene.

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What good is a Donut Shop without donuts? Antsy Pants even provided felt donuts so my kids could really get creative in their store. I love felt food for my kids. So much so that we got rid of all their fake plastic food last year and replaced it with wooden or felt play foods so these donuts are perfect with the rest of what we have! Emmalee asked for real donuts too so we ran to Dunkin and grabbed a few for the morning.

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Emmalee loved collecting money and working on her math skills while we played with our new kit, and as a mom, I love anything that makes learning fun for her!

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We've already started a Christmas wishlist to add to our Antsy Pants stock pile: I would love the organizer to keep all the pieces organized, Emmalee wants the Medium Kit and the Playhouse Kit Cover, and Tyler is hoping for the ball pit and balls or the Pirate Ship Cover. The kits range from $29.99-$79.99 while the accessories, including the fabric covers range start as low as $9.99, which makes them affordable for this holiday season!

Which is your favorite system from Antsy Pants?

xo, Heather

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