The Busy Giffs: Hollywood Studios Star Wars Dessert Party - Disney World

August 28, 2017

Hollywood Studios Star Wars Dessert Party - Disney World

We're home from our whirlwind trip to Disney World this week and it was absolutely amazing! We really wanted to make the most of our short trip so we added in a few extras to really up the magic!

Our second night there, we went to the Hollywood Studios Star Wars Dessert Party. Hollywood Studios has had a huge focus on Star Wars (while they build Star Wars - Galaxy's End, rumored to open in 2019) with stage shows, meet and greets, and even a special night time fireworks show. Knowing how much Tyler loves Star Wars, we were able to get 4 passes for the dessert party.

The party itself takes place in the launch bay and while it appears that it's shut down to outsiders, the character meet and greets were not, so unfortunately a 45 minute wait for Chewbacca during a 1 hour party didn't make much sense. BB-8 was only 10 minutes so we did get to meet him, however, if I had known that it was open to everyone, we would have made time during the day to meet Chewie and Kylo Ren. Thankfully, we saw them earlier at a stage show, so Tyler wasn't too upset when we redirected him to the treats that were offered.

Speaking of treats, there were so many! Delicious themed cupcakes, Emma especially loved the chocolate rocks on the BB-8 cupcakes, and sugar cookies. My favorites were the alcoholic themed drinks and the freeze dried nutella, but a close runner up with the Ice cream station with "Mickey dirt"- so delicious! They also had skewers of grapes, cheese, tomatoes, and hummus if you preferred savory items.

The kids loaded up plates and we found a spot in the launch bay to eat. They, with all the other kids, were running around crazy, but the cast members didn't seem to mind.  At 8:45, about 15 minutes before the fireworks, Tyler fell asleep. Just slumped over and went to bed. I carried him out to the stroller to let him lay down and when I turned around, a Storm Trooper was leading the whole party to our reserved fireworks viewing spot so I hopped into line and got right in the front of our special viewing area!

The show itself was very cool-- integrating images and audio from all of the Star Wars movies and coupling them with fireworks. Emma loved the show and Tyler woke up for the last 5 minutes.

After the lights came up, I noticed that everyone else in our dessert area was carrying a bag and I remembered that our tickets were supposed to come with a Chewbacca mug to take home. We asked an employee when they had been given and was told that they were passed out as people exited the Launch Bay (when I was already outside with a sleeping boy) but they found a few other employees who took our information and told us they would mail them to the house so we're anxiously watching the mail!

Overall, we enjoyed the party but I'd personally love it if Disney created a Fastpass type line for Character meets during the party so that we didn't have to choose between meeting the characters and enjoying the desserts.

Have you been? Or are you interested in attending?

xo, Heather

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