The Busy Giffs: Early Morning Magic at Magic Kingdom - Disney World

August 29, 2017

Early Morning Magic at Magic Kingdom - Disney World

Cramming all four parks into a two trip to Disney World was no easy feat. We knew it would mean long days and that there was a good chance we would not get to do everything we wanted. I asked everyone what they really wanted to do so we could plan around that.

Emma asked for the Peter Pan ride, Davis asked for Seven Dwarves Mine Train, and Tyler wanted to see Tinkerbell. All Magic Kingdom. We decided to break our days into Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on one day (and we ended up adding in Epcot!) and Magic Kingdom the next, giving us plenty of time to get the three things we wanted in Magic Kingdom.

While looking at Magic Kingdom things and planning our day, I came across the Disney Early Morning Magic, which is different than the Extra Magic Hours available to resort guests. Early Magic Hours get you into a park 1 hour early on certain days and is free to hotel guests. Early Morning Magic is a ticketed event (that costs additional money) that gets you into Magic Kingdom at 7:45 am when the park opens at 9 am. You have access to Seven Dwarves Mine Train, the Winnie the Pooh Ride, the Peter Pan ride, and includes a buffet breakfast at Pinocchio Village Haus. When I looked, there were no tickets available.  A couple weeks later, because I was checking religiously, it was available! I grabbed 4 tickets and because I was curious, I continued to check it and it never came back up as available.

On our Magic Kingdom day, we were up early and at the Pop Century Magic Kingdom bus stop at 6:35.  The bus came at 6:39 and brought us to Magic Kingdom.  AT 7:10, we were given our special Early Morning magic band, that allowed us on the rides, while people who had early meal reservations were only allowed to go to their meal. At 7:35 they opened the gates and let us in. It was very cool seeing so few people in front of the castle and we stopped to have a picture taken.

Then it was right off to Peter Pan.  Emma had been asking to ride it or weeks and since we werent able to ride it last time we went, it was a first for us. Imagine my disapointment when they said it was down but they'd open up small world for us... not exactly the same, so we went to Seven Dwarves Mine Train. It's Dave's favorite and since I'm afraid of rollercoasters, I offered to do the Winnie the Pooh ride with the kids.  Emma wanted to try the rollercoaster and since there was no long line to wait, we figured it was worth it.  Emma and Dave went to the ride and Tyler and I went on Pooh. When Tyler and I got off the ride, Emma informed me that she loved Seven Dwarves so much they did it twice and she really wanted me to ride.

I hate rollercoasters, like hate them. I can barely even ride the little kid caterpillar ones, or go on the flying swings without my stomach doing flips so no, I don't want to ride the Seven Dwarves, but Emma wanted me to, and there was no long line to wait in, so really, I had to try it right?

I'm not ashamed to say Emma held my arm the whole time but it wasn't terrible. I didn't exactly like it but I didn't hate it either.  And since now both Tyler and Emma loved it and wanted to keep riding, I didn't really have a choice since each row was only 2 people and the kids needed someone next to them. I ended up riding it 5 times total, which was nothing compared to the 8 times Emma rode and the 10 times David rode! With a wait time of over 2 hours during normal operating hours, that was crazy! It absolutely made the ticket price worth it!

We took a family ride on the Carousel and Winnie the Pooh before heading towards Peter Pan to see if it had opened. Sad face- it hadn't, so we went for breakfast at Pinocchio Village Haus. The buffet was wonderful - eggs, french toast, bacon, sausage, and Mickey waffles! There was yogurt and fresh fruit alongside a juice bar. Because it was a buffet we were able to eat as much as we wanted, even if it was a plate of bacon for Tyler, and we had access to it until 10 am, even after the park opened.

While the initial price was a bit to stomach, I'm so glad we took advantage of it since t gave us the opportunity to ride Seven Dwarves so many times, which ended up being my kids favorite ride of the day!

We'll definitely plan our next Magic Kingdom day to have Early Morning Magic if we can! Would you spend the money to be able to ride Seven Dwarves Mine Train 10 times?

xo, Heather

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