The Busy Giffs: Back to School with Scotties! #ReadySetSchool

August 21, 2017

Back to School with Scotties! #ReadySetSchool

Going back to school is always a difficult time for me.  Not because I don't want to go back, but because I'm torn about going back.  As a teacher, I love my job and my students.  I love the impact I can make on them, but as a mom, it's hard for me to go from spending all day with kids in the summer to only having about 4 hours with them each night. However, I know how important their education is, and how important of a role I play in my students, so there is always some excitement for me!

The thing that I dislike most about going back to school,. is the posts from other parents about going back to school on social media. On any given day, I see at least 2 parents say they cannot wait for their kids to go back so they have free time again, and twice that complain about how much it costs to go back to school, after buying all new school supplies at the beginning of the year.

According to Kids In Need Foundation, students who go without the school supplies they need struggle with self-esteem and perform worse in school than students with adequate supplies.

Scotties knows this and wants to make it better. Every child, no matter what their circumstances, should have the supplies they need to help them be engaged in learning. Pencils, crayons and paper may seem inconsequential to the learning process, but for a child in need, they can make a world of difference.

Scotties has made a 1 to 1 Promise to make sure kids have what they need this school year!

For every video created and shared on social media using the hashtag #ReadySetSchool, a backpack filled with school supplies will be donated to a kid in need (up to 1,400 backpacks total) by Scotties. Emma and I wanted to help in our little way, so check out her video:

You can check out lots of other #ReadySetSchool videos on Scotties Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and be sure to make your own while you're there!

What would you pack in a backpack for a kid who was having a tough day at school?

xo, Heather

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