The Busy Giffs: Top Toys at Blogger Bash 2017!!

July 18, 2017

Top Toys at Blogger Bash 2017!!

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend Blogger Bash in New York City.  I've gone the past three years but the stars were just not aligning for me to go this year and I was seriously bummed. The women who put it on are, simply put, the absolute best and the interactions with brands is unmatched in any other blogging conference that I've been to.  I was beside myself when David came home and told me that he had rearranged his work schedule and I needed to grab a ticket since I was going! It really is amazing that I have a husband who is so supportive. Somehow, I was able to secure a ticket and a hotel in less than 10 minutes so it was official! I am so happy I ended up at Blogger Bash because I got to sneak peek so many amazing new toys that are hitting shelves now and will be hitting shelves in the coming weeks!

In no particular order, some of my favorites:

The LeapFrog Epic
We've always been fans of Leap Frog's tablets, with each kid having their own Leap Pad 2, but I am seriously excited for the Epic. While the Epic is already out, Leap Frog will have some BIG news soon and trust me, you'll be excited too! I love that the Epic allows me to use both Android Apps and the huge library of Leap Frog games and books that we already own. This may be the kids big present this year come Christmas time.

Mattel Enchantimals
I was most excited for these because I know a 6 year old who would be obsessed with them! Let's be honest, I'm obsessed with them. They are way cuter than the average Barbie doll and come with their own little critter friend. The line also includes bikes, sleepover set, and a Tree House Playset! I think they are perfect for my girl- inspiring creative play while still being fashion forward!

Antsy Pants
If you're looking for something to inspire creativity, Antsy Pants is it! The toys come in click and connect connectors and poles, as well as fabric covers, play tunnels and play balls! They can be constructed in any way so it's endless fun. As someone who often loses her kitchen table to the fort of the day, this makes me so excited! For less than $100, the kids could have a huge play set that will offer them hours of fun for days and days!

DreamWorks Spirit and Lucky Toys
I was so excited to see a line of Spirit- Riding Free toys since my kids recently discovered the Netflix show! My daughter loves horses and the storyline is so relatable for a 6 year old. Between the dolls of Lucky and Spirit and the plush horses of Boomerang and Chica Linda, there are so many things we'll be adding to our collection! Emma was thrilled to open up a blind box in a recent video!

Puppy Dog Pals Play set
Puppy Dog Pals is another new show that my kids are in love with! Every episode is a new adventure and Tyler just loves it! Amazon already has a few plushes and books, but the play sets and blind bags (check them out in this video!) coming soon are amazing!

Pikmi Pops
Because anything and everything blind bag/box is super hot right now, Pikmi Pops are another one I expect to be huge! Made by the same company that makes Shopkins, Pikmi pops are blind "lollipops" with a stuffed surprise character inside! These were officially released last week and will be hitting shelves soon!

Bag O Dirt
I love Play Vision's squishy substances! We loved Floof last year and while they showed Bag O Dirt at Toy Fair, I was excited to see it's for sale now!! It's a super cute way to "let kids get dirty", without actually getting dirty.  Add in a few bugs and it's a boy's dream.

Everyone knows Playdoh but I love that they have some very educational sets this year! A full set of letters and Playdoh is a great way to work on letters and spelling with younger kids.

Num Noms
We first played with Num Noms last year, but they are rolling out even more toys, including an awesome nail polish maker! I love when toys my kids already love go bigger and develop more creative options for them!Add some pretties to an adorable toy and Emmalee will be in love!

Glitter Girl Accessories
Glitter Girls are another super exciting, not in stores yet toy! Glitter Girls are made just like the Our Generation girls (found at Target) but as 14" dolls, rather than 18" dolls.  Emma's first doll was an Our Generation doll before getting her American Girl dolls. American Girl rolled out Wellie Wisher last year (14" dolls) and I'm excited to see what sort of accessories will be offered so that we can grow our collection!

Super Wings
We've already talked about Super Wings, but again, Tyler is in love so I was excited to see them again! While they offer great play sets and action figures, I am most excited that Jet will be joining the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year! Even more exciting: I've been toying with the idea of going (it's a Bucket List item!) and this makes it that much more exciting!

Shopkin's Cutie Cars
These are so exciting to me because they aren't released yet! Shopkin's Cutie Cars are going to be a big hit! The beloved characters of Shopkins are now cars! Again, you'll be able to collect them all!

Mini Mojis
With over 100 to collect, Mini Mojis will be another hot collect them all! You can buy them now at Jo Ann Fabrics! The kids were lucky enough to open one up already! You can check them out here:

So there you have it! A few of my favorites from Sweet Suite! There are SO many more toys and I'll be covering a handful of them in future posts as well! I imagine many will end up under your Christmas tree this holiday-- which are you most excited for?

xo, Heather

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