The Busy Giffs: Alice in the Village, Mystic CT

July 3, 2017

Alice in the Village, Mystic CT

It's very rare that I get time with just my girl. With David's work schedule, I usually have both kids or no kids, and if I ever have just one kid, it's usually Tyler, while Emmalee is at dance, a friend's house, or at school. So, needless to say, I jumped at the chance to go out with just my girl while Tyler was at school last week.

We adventured all the way to Mystic, CT, only about an hour away, to go to Alice in the Village, an Alice in Wonderland inspired cafe.

Emma and I are huge Alice fans (even waiting in line 40 minutes last time we went to Disney!) so it seemed like a great place to go for tea.

Because it's situated in Old Mistick Village there is tons of parking and lots more to do so we decided to start with tea and then head out shopping. Entering into Alice in the Village is pretty magical.  I fell in love with the door handle-- it was perfect!

It feels like you're walking into a hedge garden and are immediately greeted by tons of Alice in Wonderland toys and memorabilia that you can purchase.

If you don't make a reservation for  Afternoon Tea or High Tea, you can order a pot of tea and a tray of desserts to bring to your table. Emmalee stocked up on marshmallows and macrons but I grabbed a lemon petite-four to enjoy.

Not only does Alice in the Village offer tea, but they also have a selection of bubble teas and "cocktails"- tea mixed drinks. The treats were delicious and we sat surrounded by wall art right from the Alice in Wonderland story. 

While we were only there for about 20 minutes, it was a great girl date with my favorite girl- we'll absolutely be heading back again!

xo, Heather

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