The Busy Giffs: Easy Spring Krispie Rice Treats

April 12, 2017

Easy Spring Krispie Rice Treats

Easter is this weekend! I honestly love that Easter falls on this weekend because it kicks off our school vacation week.  As much as I love teaching, there's nothing better than spending the week on the beach with my own family.  We'll spend Easter Sunday at my grandmother's before we head down the Cape for a few days.

Holidays with my family are always a big deal. Just on my mom's side, I have 2 aunts and 2 uncles and am one of 20+ grandkids. It's always a very large gathering, plus then we add in my sibling's friends from college who can't get home from the weekend and it's a great day with lots of conversation and food.

Because there are so many of us, we divide and conquer with the food. We each bring a few plates and then everyone helps themselves. My mom makes a delish baked ham, and my grandma is infamous for her amazing deviled eggs, so we usually end up covering the sweet tooth, while others fill in with more apps and sides.

This year, Emmalee asked for her favorite Krispie Rice treats. Done. They are easy, super delicious, and only take a few ingredients. To dress them up for the holiday, we decided to change them up a bit. Instead of making thick bars, we used a cookie sheet and spread the treats relatively thin.

After they firmed a bit, I used holiday themed - Easter Egg - cookie cutters to create festive shapes and then popped them back in the fridge to firm up more.

While they're firming, I melted Wilton Candy Melts, grabbed all of our sprinkles, and set up on the kitchen table. Emma was thrilled to see the "chef decorator" set up! When the Krispie Rice Treats were firm, we got to work!

After each was decorated, we put it back on the tray and into the fridge they went to harden the chocolate.

I love that this is a really easy and safe recipe for my 5 year old, provided I handle the hot butter and marshmallows.  She can push the treats into the tray, use the cookie cutters, and decorate them on her own!

They ended up being such a delicious and adorable treat that is easy to pack and also easy to eat!
Unfortunately, they didn't last more than 3 days (which is completely our fault because they are delicious!!) so it looks like we'll be making more this weekend before heading to grandmas!

How perfect would these be for all the other holidays as well?

xo, Heather

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