The Busy Giffs: November 2016

November 15, 2016

The NEW Redesigned LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn Toddler Carrier!

Hooray for a newly redesigned LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn carrier! I love LÍLLÉbaby, and honestly, it's not a secret.  Between older posts, like when we went to Disney and got to try out the Essentials carrier, and instagram posts, like Daddy wearing at Ikea, littles wearing littles, a sleepy boy at Disney, and a regular Target trip, I promise you've seen my LÍLLÉbaby Carriers before!

While both of my kids still fit in the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE carriers, we've really been grabbing our toddler-sized CarryOns more lately. You can see a comparison of the COMPLETE and CarryOn here, but Lillebaby took all of the feedback they received from their customers and redesigned their CarryOn!

It's easy to see in the above picture how different the fit is! The Donuts and Sprinkles carrier is the newly designed one and you can see that it is not quite as wide and a bit taller than the older model CarryOn. The CarryOn's deeper seat and tall torso (tallest one available) are specifically designed to secure and support children size 2t pants and taller. The new panel is 20.5" designed to support even larger children.

Lillebaby shortened the straps for a closer fit, which you can see here. The newly redesigned CarryOn is the light gray!  You'll also notice that the waist band is more curved. The wider waistband supports larger children and  makes it easier on you. I carried my 5 year old, who is 40 lbs, in it on a walk this weekend with no back pain!

Lillebaby's breathable mesh is perfect for all weather, whether it's a hot day in Florida, or a with a  few layers during a cold day in New England.

The newly redesigned Carry On still offers all the things you love about the Original CarryOn as well!

• Two-way adjustable straps with Perfect Fit Adjusters for near-limitless fit customization
• Three comfortable, ergonomic carrying positions - front, hip, and back.
• Straps may be worn crossed or backpack style.
• 100% cotton border on the torso for added support and durability.
• Our soft, moldable 3D mesh for maximum air circulation and breathability
• Adorable new patterns and color options
• Accommodates children 20 - 60lbs, size 2T pants and taller

It's already love for us and our newly redesigned LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love donuts!?

Did I mention they are launching TODAY? You can head over to Lillebaby's website and grab one now, for only $150!

Be sure to let me know if you grab a Donuts and Sprinkles one, or one of the other gorgeous patterns!

xo, Heather

November 10, 2016

Heart Eye Emoji Cupcakes

Disclaimer: I was provided product to facilitate this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Emojiez are literally sweeping the world.  What started as funny little pictures to send in your messages, have now turned into a full empire of plushes, stickers, keychains, stamps, and more!

Emmalee is obsessed with Emojiez and after seeing them at Blogger Bash this summer, I can totally understand why!

Emojiez are made up of 12 different characters and each tell their own story with their wacky and unique personalities.  Emma and I really love Romeo, the Emoji with heart eyes, so much so that Emma wanted to make an Emojiez treat last weekend.

We grabbed Emojiez cupcake wrappers and totally cheated with a boxed mix, prepared as directed for cupcakes.
Some wax paper, colored candy melts, and a steady hand and we had some Romeo cupcakes to go with our Emojiez celebration!
To make it easier, I traced circles onto wax paper and then created circles with the melted candies.

I wanted to use heart shaped sprinkles for the eyes but couldn't find any so I just free handed the eyes with the end of a skewer. When I was done, I just put them in the fridge for a few minutes to harden up and honestly,  I think they came out pretty great!

All we did was place a candy Emoji that we made onto a cupcake and voila!

From small Buddies to large Plushiez, Emojiez are great for every type of present – stocking stuffers, Secret Santas, there is always a reason to give an Emojiez!

Really though, my biggest question is: is it a poop? Or chocolate ice cream? My 5 year old and I are undecided. 

xo, Heather

November 9, 2016

Celebrate with Percyvites

Disclaimer: I was provided product to facilitate this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Celebration season is right around the corner! Okay, really, it's already here. Parties start in my family in September and go every month until June. A birthday in September, one in October, November, 4 celebrations in December, plus National holidays- there's always a reason to throw a party!

PercyVites makes setting up a party so much easier! From personalized invitations to a guest management system, Percyvites makes throwing a party less stressful.

Percyvites lets your little one throw the best party with popular characters like Shopkins, Little Charmers, Lalaloopsy, Caillou, Franklin, Monster Jam, Octonauts and Pocoyo. And it's super easy to create an awesome, customized, personalized invitations. You can upload your own pictures (make sure it's your own and not a copyright image!) and party details into fun clips and then personally address each.

The Percy Party Dashboard keeps rsvps orderly and simplifies the whole party planning process. is another great resource to help! They offer lots of the same themes and offer everything from cake toppers to edible images to supplies like gum paste and cupcake liners.

Emma wanted cupcakes so we picked up the Shopkins Time to Shop Cake Topper set and some sprinkles in her favorite colors.

She had so much fun spending time with her friends, eating some delicious cupcakes, and swapping her Shopkins! The great thing about PercyVites is that in addition to invitations, they had thank yous to really wrap up the event!

I can't wait for the kids' birthdays in the Spring so we can check out the other licensed characters and create more great invitations! Which characters are your favorite?

xo, Heather

November 3, 2016

Take Care of the Holidays with Hayneedle

Disclaimer: I was provided a gift card to facilitate my review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It's officially November which means I am officially in holiday mode! David makes me wait until after Halloween to focus on Thanksgiving and I can't even THINK about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, but I don't listen and I'm already excited for both!

A couple weeks ago, I discovered is one of those sites that has everything from home and kitchen items, to gym equipment, to toys and even a Holiday Shop.

I have a handful of things that I know I want to pick up before the holidays so I gave myself a budget of $100 and crossed my fingers for the best.

First on my list was a new toaster oven. I love the one we have but the knob broke off and I hate looking for the knob every time I want to use it. Hayneedle offers a handful of models and we picked a great 4 slice toaster oven, perfect for our counter.

Also on my list was some Christmas gifts for the kids. Emma has been asking for a stroller for her Bitty Baby doll and David had the great idea of replacing some of our cheap plastic play food with better quality Melissa and Doug items.  Hayneedle had a huge selection of both play strollers and play food.

In the end I bought a stroller from Kid Kraft (who I love because of their high quality, and 2 different food sets from Melissa and Doug. I love that Hayneedle offers such amazing brands at such great prices.

I was feeling very accomplished and hadn't yet blown my whole budget so I of course splurged on a Christmas item: a small lit wreath! Dave will kill me if he finds it but I just love it!

Hayneedle offered amazingly fast shipping and I'm excited to grab some more items for the holidays!

xo, Heather

November 1, 2016

New York Comic Con 2016

Even though David is obsessed with all the geekdoms, I don't usually engage. I mean, I only saw the original 6 Star Wars movies last November...

My kids however, are another story.  Tyler barely says a dozen words but he can hum the Imperial March from Star Wars and Emmalee can name like 100 Pokemon. When Boston Comic Con rolled around, I gave her my ticket so she could go with David, so I was excited when David asked if I'd go to New York Comic Con with him.

It was overwhleming but so much fun. From cosplay costumes to collectibles, there was so much to see!

Even as someone who isn't very into most of the fandoms, like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc, I did have a lot of fun.

I love being in the city and our dinner at Beetle House was such a great way to cap off our day!

Having so much fun at NYCC has made me even more excited for Rhode Island's Comic Con next weekend! Will you be going?

xo, Heather

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