The Busy Giffs: Newest Obsessions: LuLaRoe and Plexus

September 5, 2016

Newest Obsessions: LuLaRoe and Plexus

So unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard about LuLaRoe.
I kept hearing about it last year from a coworker and then from another woman at dance, but I was skeptical. Buying clothes off a computer screen has rarely worked out for my very curvy proportions.

A family friend messaged me saying she was having an in-home party and if I wanted to come try out some items, I could, with no pressure to buy. Oh my gosh, I don't know why I said yes... it was life changing.

LuLaRoe clothes are seriously the softest articles of clothing I've ever touched. I started with a pair of plain black leggings and blue striped Randy top. Simple, easy to wear pieces. Then I went to another party and added in a couple more solid color Irma tops.

And now I have multiple leggings, multiple tops, a handful of dresses and skirts, and I'm in like 42 LuLaRoe Facebook groups. It's an addiction yall. LuLaRoe has harnessed the power of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and wrapped it into a clothing company.  Unlike other home sales where every consultant has the same stuff, LuLaRoe makes a limited number of every print/style combo and then randomly ships out to the consultants.  Consultants can't request prints, only sizes and styles so you can end up shopping from 14 different consultants because they all have different inventory.  This means, if you see something you have to grab it because you may never see it again. This mentality is what drives us to be crazy!

I will say, the best thing to do is host a party. The consultant will come to your house and you invite all your friends so they can fall in love. Or you can host a Facebook Pop Up Party and do it from the comfort of everyone's living rooms. I love the in home party because people can touch the clothes and really understand the amazing. Also, by hosting, you get free items! I was able to build my LuLaRoe wardrobe even more by hosting both an in-home party with Kristin's LuLaRoe Lover Boutique and an online party with LuLaRoe by Sarah and Angela .

I'm anxiously waiting for my friend Erin (LuLaRoe Erin Murad) to host her first in-home party this weekend and my other friend Carol (LuLaRoe with Carol Dotts VIP) is anxiously awaiting her shipment! I love that I can support multiple friends, because like I said before, they all have different inventory!

LuLaRoe isn't just for women, there is a child's line as well and these clothes literally fit everyone.  A coworker wears the kid's cardigans and the TC leggings fit up to a 22/24! Each piece fits a bit different so it's easy to find at least one you love on!

I promise you, you will not regret going to a LuLaRoe party!

And, since we're talking about amazing companies that basically sell from mom to mom, you have to check out Plexus while you're at it. I had NEVER heard of it until a blogging friend reached out and asked if I wanted to give it a try. Her daughter is almost the same age as Tyler, and seriously, this woman is so put together, and energetic, and skinny, and yes, I wanted to know her secret so I immediately said yes!

She started me out with the "pink drink" and the Accelerator +. Individually, each is designed to help with weight management, but together, I was told I would see some real loss!
The pink drink is easy.  Add the small package to a 20 oz glass of water each morning, 30 minutes before you eat anything else. I took my Accelerator + pills at the same time.

In 2 weeks, I saw a loss of 8 lbs and all I did was start drinking that! No other amounts of exercise or dieting.

More than losing the actual pounds, I just felt so good. Like really good. It's when I posted all the pictures from New York City, and since, I've just been so happy. I know that a "pink drink" can't really change my mood but I felt so good while drinking it that it came out through every way possible including my emotions. It's a great addition to your routine and it tastes good! I've tried a TON of these types of things and this is seriously my favorite.  How many of you can say you genuinely feel good every day?

Have you heard of LuLaRoe or Plexus before? Try them out and let me know what you think!


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