The Busy Giffs: Fairies in Our House!

September 16, 2016

Fairies in Our House!

Five is such a magical age.  Everything is awe inspiring and anything is possible.  Emmalee has been in love with fairies this summer. We love to sit on our front porch and look for lightening bugs.  She is convinced they are fairies she can make magic wishes to.  Her wishes are always the cutest; wishes like "I wish we could watch fairies forever" and "I wish I had a fairy for my very own", adorable right?

I was super excited when I had the opportunity to meet The Irish Fairy Door Company at Blogger Bash a couple of weeks ago and even more thrilled when they asked Emmalee if she wanted an Irish Fairy Door to set up in her own room!

The Irish Fairy Door is amazing and there are so many door styles and add ons like wall art and garden accessories! You can purchase them on their website, or through my affiliate link on Amazon.

The first step is to set up your Irish Fairy Door, and leave the key by it.  Then you log onto the computer and enter your special code, letting the fairies know that you are ready for them.  When the key has disappeared, a fairy has moved in! Emmalee was so excited to set it up but in her logical little mind, she couldn't understand where the fairy's door led to, since her mind, there was no actual house.  We talked about magic and how it is hidden and only fairies could see it, and while she was excited after understanding, she was sad she didn't have a fairy house to watch the fairies in.

Thankfully, there's another company that can give Emmalee even more fairies in her life! Dreamland Fairy offers a paint your own fairy home and an adorable, plush 6" Fairy!

You can buy the items from their website or through my affiliate link on Amazon.  I love that Dreamland Fairy allows Emma to believe in the magic of fairies, but also let's her be creative through art and pretend play with the fairy doll.

Both fairy products offer hours of imaginative play and cost under $25! The fairy doll is only $9! At such a great price point, it's easy to get both!

I can't wait to see Emma' face in the morning when she sees that the fairy has moved in!

xo, Heather

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