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August 2, 2016

Mister by the Sea: San Diego Comic Con Pops

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written anything! It has been crazy over the past year because not only am I working a crazy amount of hours, but I'm in school full time, plus Heather keeps throwing us in the car to go on our adventures...

One adventure I do want to go on is to San Diego Comic Con. I am a bit of a geek, and I'm okay with that. Okay, maybe not a bit, like a full blown geek: I love Pokemon, Dr. Who, all things Blizzard... the list goes on.  San Diego Comic Con is the mecca of comic cons for us geeks and one day I'd love to bring the family.

Since I can't actually go there myself, I satisfy the desire by picking up some of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Funko products.  I have a nice Pop collection already, but I was excited to add new pieces to my collection this week. Take a look!

The three I really wanted were the Duck Dodgers Blue Gamma and the Indiana Jones pops. While the Convention releases some of its pops to retailers so that more people can purchase, the Duck Dodgers and the Indiana Jones with the Idol were only at Comic Con, which means you had to actually be there to get them, or you had to have someone get you one.

The other Indiana Jones is a Disney park exclusive, which means you can only get them at Disneyland or Disney World.  We tried to order it, it fell through, and then someone sold it to us for less than it would have cost to order right from Disney!

I really love the look of the Dorbz, especially the Game of Thrones ones, but Heather's favorites are the Powerpuff Girls! I can't wait for Boston Comic Con in August and Rhode Island Comic Con in November to see what other figures the vendors will be selling!

Have you ever seen Pops? Which is your favorite?

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