The Busy Giffs: A Back to School Carters Wishlist

August 11, 2016

A Back to School Carters Wishlist

I had to chuckle a bit when I found the most recent Kohl's catalog covered in highlighter circles. Emmalee decided to circle what she likes and wants to buy from it! Starting kindergarten is a big deal so I know I'll end up taking her out for a little mommy and me shopping time before the school year rolls around.

I love her sense of style. I'm all for female empowerment and girls can do whatever they want... but I also love delicate florals and sparkles, and love that Emmalee has a very feminine aesthetic.

Here's a few of her favorite pieces from Carter's for back to school!

We've always been fan of Carter's separates.  They go with everything! But sometimes we need a little help with the matching and I love these outfits, less than $20 on sale right now!

And how adorable are the dresses? Emmalee is such a girly girl and will live in dresses if given the opportunity.

I figure if we buy some thick tights, she can wear them all through the fall and winter with some great shoes.  She already has a few pairs of boots, but she really loved these ones on the site!

I know I'll be buying the floral terry dress and the fringe booties, but which are your favorites?

xo, Heather

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