The Busy Giffs: Pennsylvania 2016: Hershey Park

July 21, 2016

Pennsylvania 2016: Hershey Park

After a small fiasco with our Hershey Park tickets, we were able to get new tickets reprinted and we made our way to Hershey Park while we were in Pennsylvania.

I have to be honest, I was nervous about going to Hershey Park. I was under the impression that it was a very large park with very little for the kids to do, but Emmalee loved the idea of a "chocolate park" (she was disappointed when she realized it wasn't made of all chocolate) and we've never been so we figured we'd try anyways. I was blown away by how perfect it was for the kids.

Upon entering, we grabbed a rental double stroller and the kids got safety bracelets, with my name and number written on them, God forbid something happen while we were in the park.  Instead of a loud overhead "Missing child", they can call you directly! The first ride there was a big carousel set up in the middle and an "official measuring station" to the side. The measuring station let us figure out what size the kids were, and those sizes were posted on each ride so it was easy to tell if they would be able to ride or not.  Emma measured as a peanut butter cup, and Tyler was a Miniature! How cute!

Around the carousel were tons and tons of rides the kids could do themselves! They rode on dinosaurs, did a sled ride, rode the cars, and flew airplanes, and I never had to get in! Those are my favorite rides! Ha!

David used this time to run and get on a few rollercoasters before the lines got too long.  Because I wasn't trying to wrangle kids and get in and out of the rides with them, it was easy for him to run off for a bit.  He loves rollercoasters so I'm always happy when he gets to go on them!

Farther down we found teacups, which are Tyler's new favorite ride.  I did go on this one, but that's okay, because I love teacups!  We played a few skill games and Emma even won the water shooting game!

I told dave he should go get on one more roller coaster while I brought the kids to the zoo.  Did you know there was a zoo inside the park? So fun and a great way to calm the kids down a bit after running through the park.

After the zoo, we found our way to more kid only rides.

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More cars, a cargo truck, and the cutest little blast off ride.  Tyler loves the Sunoco classic cars, and Emma liked speeding through on the faster cars! We grabbed some lunch at one of the stands and went off to take a train ride together.  The train ride brought us past another amazing looking train, so Dave went that way while the kids and I found some fruit cups, pretzel bites, and an accapella group. We also grabbed a refillable cup.  This was so great because refills all day were only 99 cents, which saved us a ton of money!

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David met us and we made our way over to the boardwalk area.  There were a few more rides on that side of the park, and one of them was Tyler's absolute favorite. We must have ridden the Granny bugs 15 times!

Our next stop was the Boardwalk and water rides. I love doing the water rides either first or last. Gives us a chance to dry off for the rest of the day, or in this case, pack up wet kids and go back to the hotel to drop them in the tub. The clouds were getting dark so Dave ran to go down the big slide before it got closed and Tyler took a nap on my chest. Emma was easily appeased with an ice cream cone!

We packed up and began heading for the front since it got really dark, really fast, and all of a sudden, the clouds opened and we were drenched. Like, see my bathing suit through my dress soaked.

We had told Emmalee we'd go to Chocolate World, so it was a great time to check it out, rather than walking all the way to the car.

We took the (free) tour to learn how they make the chocolate, and Emmalee's favorite part was when they gave us a free piece of chocolate at the end! And she wanted to go swimming in the chocolate river!

The rain let up so we made our way back to the car and back to our hotel. Clearly, it was an excellent day!

Check out the rest of our trip as well! Sesame Place, Adventure Aquarium, and the Please Touch Museum!

xo, Heather

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