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July 27, 2016

Dance Has Changed Our Lives: Supreme Dance Studio

Growing up, I danced. I did ballet and tap with my cousin Nichole and I loved it.  I think she was always better than me. She is still dancing but now I'm watching my daughter dance.

There's just something special about the choreography, the costumes, the make up! 
Emmalee has always been a twirler.... in the house, in the yard, in stores, always twirling. We knew we wanted to do ballet lessons but our first attempt was unsuccessful. Emma was unhappy and fought going to that studio so we gave it up.  We hadn't committed yet and the fight both weeks wasn't worth it. 

Fast forward to January 2016. David was talking to a childhood friend at Emma's preschool pick up and she mentioned dance. Dave got some details and a week later we were at Supreme Perfection Studio in Fairhaven, Ma trying out our first class.  We haven't left since and dance has literally changed our lives.

The owner is amazing. The teachers are amazing. Even the other moms are amazing.  It was one of those places that you just instantly felt connected, welcomed, and valued.  It's why we won't dance anywhere else. Every week, Emma pushed herself to do well in class.  She would come out of class exclaiming, "Mom, did you see how great I did!" or saying "Mom, that was hard but I worked hard so I'm still proud". Supreme Perfection Studios has helped teach her the value of dedication and hard work. 

That's wonderful but I love her being in dance for a totally selfish reason. Remember how I said the moms are pretty amazing? I meant it.  I started writing 6 years ago because I felt lonely and I wanted to feel connected to others who still lived an hour or more away as I went through my pregnancy.  I've had the same group of friends for the past 10+ years, and we all live a distance from each other.  I work full time. I don't get to do Starbucks dates on Tuesday morning, or go to the playground before nap time on Friday. Seeing my friends is hard with two kids, a full time job, a husband who works different hours than me. I can't keep up with my single, childless friends who still go to the bar until 1 am.  It takes me more time to make phone calls and arrange care for my kids so I can go out with my friends, than to actually go out.  But every week at dance, I get an hour with other women who are doing the same hustle: working, juggling kids, trying to make it all work. Literally, the only way that hour would be better is if there was wine. Although, the Paint Nite fundraisers they do, are getting closer!

This 1 hour a week has turned into so many real friendships. We spent all weekend with our dance friends. Saturday was at a dance friend's birthday party (with lots more other dance friends there), and while we had plans later, we were invited to a park/movie with more dance friends. On Sunday, we spent some time at another dance friend's house for a LuLaRoe party, with other dance moms. They've quickly and easily just become part of every day.

Supreme Perfection Studios has not only taught my daughter valuable life skills about commitment, dedication, and determination, but they've given us a new tribe.  A group of girls Emma will go to school with, and dance with, and invite over for play dates. I can't even put into words, how much I've longed for that over the past few years.

And honestly, watching Emma succeed just brings me so much joy.  We started in January, months after others and yet, she worked just as hard and was ready for the recital in June. She practiced at home and was always ready for dance class hours before she needed to be. Her hard work paid off at her recital.  She rocked the stage. She was glowing with pride. At the end of the recital she was even awarded the ballet award, which is given to 1 student out of the entire studio.  I was speechless. 

Her whole recital blew me away and look how much fun they had!

... and can we talk about how gorgeous she is...

And did I share her professional dance pictures? In the Blink of an Eye, out of Dartmouth MA, took such amazing shots!

Thankfully, even though the year is over, we still get to spend the summer at the studio.  From drop in classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, to specialized 3 day camps, Emma has lots of opportunities to continue working until classes start again in September - check out the schedule here and join us during a Tuesday Tumble class!

So again, thank you Supreme Perfection Studio for welcoming us with open arms!
We are so happy to have found a tribe!

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  1. Awww I love this! You are amazing and we love having you all as a part of our dance family! And so happy to have you as a friend. And Emma is absolutely beautiful in all of her pictures. You are raising a pretty great little girl.


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