The Busy Giffs: Which Lillebaby Carrier Should I Use?

May 18, 2016

Which Lillebaby Carrier Should I Use?

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My love for Lillebaby is well documented on Instagram and in earlier blog posts, but did you know there is a Lillebaby Love Facebook page? It's an amazing community where members get to ask questions about their fit, about carriers, and brag about how amazing we are. ;)

A couple weeks ago, there were a few messages that popped up about a huge Lillebaby warehouse sale and I was able to grab a couple new carriers at super discounted prices! Sadly, the big sale is over but you can still snag a great deal on the SALE page! Because one of the most often asked questions lately is about when to move your child from a Lillebaby Complete model to a Lillebaby Carry On model, I thought I'd show the comparison for you!

The Lillebaby Complete is the amazing carrier that you can use from 7 lbs up to 45 lbs.  The Completes come in 4 types: Original, Airflow, All-Seasons, and Embossed. The Original is made of convas, while the Airflow is mostly mesh.  The All-Seasons is a marriage of the two, mostly canvas with a zip down mesh panel for breathability, and the Embossed is mostly microsuede/microfiber amd feels similar to a golf wicking type shirt. All 4 models come with a lumbar support piece, allow for 6 different carrying styles, and do not require any sort of infant insert! We have a handful of Completes because they work for newborn all the way to 45 lbs and, although she is only 2 weeks shy of being 5 years old, Emmalee still fits in them!

The Carry On is essentially a toddler sized carrier.  According to the Lillebaby website, it fits from 15 lbs to 60 lbs but I have found it's more of a height and leg length than a weight for this carrier. There are 2 models: the Carry On Original and the Carry On Air.  Like the Completes, the Carry On Original is a canvas carrier and the Air is mostly mesh. Both models come with a lumbar support piece and they offer 3 carrying positions.

The Lillebaby Essentials is a streamlined version of their Complete carrier. It can be used from 15 lbs to 45 lbs currently, and when the infant insert is released it will fit 7 lbs and up. It is a cotton carrier and offers 4 carrying positions. Unlike the Complete and the Carry On, the Essentials does NOT come with a lumbar support.

Tyler just turned 2 last week and at his check up was 26 pounds and 34 inches.  He just started wearing 2T pants. You can see that he just fits in the Carry On.  The bunching fabric is his pants, not the carrier. He gets an amazing M shape in the Carry On.  The Embossed Complete is pictured in the middle. Again, a great M shape and the wide panel is knee to knee. I also added a picture of the Essentials because it can also be a great fit for older kids if you don't want or need the extra functions of the Complete. And even when little guy looks a bit lopsided because the only picture your husband took was when you were bouncing him, it is usually a great M seat.

Which Lillebaby carrier for my 20 lb toddler?

While we've used the Completes for the past 2 years, I really love the ease of the Carry On since it offers less 'bells and whistles'.  The New Carry On Air has quickly become my husband's favorite carrier.

Another question that comes up a lot is about extended babywearing.  I wear my almost 5 year old a couple times a month.  She loves being carried around and at 36 lbs, fits into all three types of carriers.  The Carry On offers us the best fit because of the width of the panel, but both the Complete and the Essentials offer a supported seat as well. I find the lumbar support is super important when they're this big because it literally offers me so much extra support while carrying her!

Can I still carry my preschooler in a Lillebaby carrier?

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Lillebaby carriers, because you can't go wrong when it comes to babywearing, and hopefully, this helped you figure out which carrier was best for you and your little ones.

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