The Busy Giffs: Dressing Up for Fenway Opening Day! #RedSox

April 11, 2016

Dressing Up for Fenway Opening Day! #RedSox

Happy Fenway Opening Day!

Even though the Red Sox are already rocking a 3-2 record, which makes them second in the AL East, let's be honest, it isn't really baseball season until Fenway Park opens. This is also the first year, in a long time, that I don't already have multiple games worth of tickets. 

Instead, I'll be at work today, counting down the minutes until 2:05 when the first pitch is thrown at the most beloved park. I may even secretly be wearing a sox shirt... 

I own way too many hats, shirts, and pants emblazoned with the logo, mostly from Victoria's Secret, but am kind of in love with these new items from Levi and Vineyard Vines. 

I need everything from Victoria Secret but I'm loving the Levi pullover too! If I look this good, I have to have a winning season, right?

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