The Busy Giffs: Barbie Evolved!

January 28, 2016

Barbie Evolved!

Way back in October, I wrote a welcome back to Barbie. The ad campaign was pure genius and showed Barbie as a powerful figure for girls to look up to. The were slowly trying to eliminate the idea that to love Barbie you had to mold yourself to her unrealistic set of body standards.

Barbie has released 3 new body designs now! Cue my happy dance... for a ... get ready for it... CURVY BARBIE!!

Curvy barbie

A doll with hips and a booty-- a doll who looks like me.  I'm not looking to start a fight on the acceptance of obesity in our society; instead I'm going to get excited that my 4 year old can see various bodies all be acceptable for her dolls.

Barbie also released their petite and tall dolls.

They are adorable little fashionistas and I'm excited to add a few to my daughters collection, although I wonder how complicated it will get buying outfits for them all... will their outfits be exclusive to their size?

You can preorder the dolls here! Will you be adding a few new body types to your collection?

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