The Busy Giffs: #ManCrushMonday: Tommy John

November 23, 2015

#ManCrushMonday: Tommy John

It's Monday! The Monday of a 2 day work week so I am quite happy over here. Last night I received a Facebook request from my cousin-in-law, asking if I wanted to donate to his "Movember Campaign".  Every November, the Testicular Cancer Foundation sponsors a No Shave November type deal, getting men to vow to go shave-less for the whole month while raising money for research.

Fun fact, I participated two years ago in my own school's program! I went a whole month without shaving my face and on the final day, walked in wearing a fake beard. I wore it all day, so it was both hilarious and beneficial because I was able to raise some amazing money for the foundation.

This year, I am not going to be donning a fake beard but I have decided to make a few purchases through Tommy John to help them raise money and help men become more proactive about their health. Did you know that on average, every hour, a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer? Yikes.  So why am I supporting Tommy John and how are they helping the cause?

Tommy John is donating 5% of all sales coming from the limited edition “Mustache and Ball” print collection.

They are are contributing $10 for each purchase made by new customers who were referred by someone else, so you know, tell them I sent you! And, even more fun, they are donating $1 for each entry in their Instagram contest up to $1,000! C'mon, how easy is Instagram?!

​ ​To enter, take a photo of any pair of round objects, and tag them on Instagram @TommyJohnWear, @TesticularCancerFoundation & #SupportYourBalls for a chance to win free products from Tommy ​John!
For example:

Blue balls. Ha. I love puns, but I digress.  Testicular Cancer is not a joke, and after loosing my father last month to a different form of cancer, it hits home even more. 

Even as a woman, I'll be doing my part to make sure David heads to the doctor to get checked, donating to these amazing campaigns, and helping to end this terrible epidemic.

How are you going to help?

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