The Busy Giffs: Have a SUPER Movie Night with MARVEL Granola Bars! #MARVELSnackBar

September 16, 2015

Have a SUPER Movie Night with MARVEL Granola Bars! #MARVELSnackBar

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School is definitely in session again and we're back to laying out clothes and packing lunches before bed. Unfortunately, the snacks meant for school, were disappearing before they could get into lunch boxes so we had to do a quick run to Target to pick up some more lunch packables! We like to stick to better for you options like applesauce, fruit and granola bars. Imagine Emma's excitement when she saw her favorite MARVEL superheroes on her granola bars! We're big MARVEL fans and Emma tried to smooth talk me into buying them so that she could "get superhero powers too'! I must admit though, it was an easy sell, they are nutritious, affordable and come in chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip flavors!

Emma's school is peanut free so we grabbed a couple boxes of MARVEL chocolate chip chewy granola bars and started to head out, however, I was met with cries of "Can we please have a movie party?!" as we walked by the popcorn section. Being back at work everyday has absolutely cut into my fun time with her and her brother so I was happy to oblige to a movie theater night! We added some chocolate candies, MARVEL themed flavored waters and popcorn to the carriage and headed home.

A couple nights later we set up for our movie night and had a few friends over. I loved having healthier snacks to offer our guests and everything looked amazing on our superhero table cloth!

Because we're lovers of all things MARVEL, I added a reusable shopping bag and some collectible toy figures that we owned to the table to make it even more super! Dave pretended that his granola bar was Thor's hammer, and even went as far as printing out the top of the hammer to tape to his bar! MARVEL Super Hero Snack Bars are 40% bigger than the average granola bar (normally 24g), which definitely made them feel more super!

I also loved how each bar had a different character on it!

There are six different wrappers: Captain America, Hulk, Spider Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor. I was a bit sad that we didn't get the Hulk in our first box, but we did get the other 5 characters! I grabbed a Spider Man, David had a Captain America, and Emmalee, of course, chose "the girl": Black Widow!

On the back of the box, there is a collectible card you can cut out as well! Each box has a different card and there are 4 cards total: Hulk, Iron Man, Hawk Eye, and Spider Man. I may have chosen this box because it had Spider Man; he's always been my favorite!

Emmalee had a blast at her superhero movie night and I was happy to have snacks that were both nutritious and delicious! Our guests had a blast too! The MARVEL theme was a hit with both children and adults and the few leftovers we had made their way into Emma's lunchbox for Monday!

We had a blast at our Movie theater night, but I'm also loving all the super ideas at the MARVEL hub. You'll have to let me know which ideas are your favorite!

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  1. SUPER cute! This is definitely something that my boys would L-O-V-E and very easy to put together with these wholesome snacks! #client


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