The Busy Giffs: Blue Sky for Target Day Designer Planner

September 7, 2015

Blue Sky for Target Day Designer Planner

After years of saying "I have found the perfect planner", I really did.

For the past year I've been using a month only calendar because I really like to see the full week all at once and since I'm a linear type of person, the stacked on top of each other weekly views just hurt my head. Unfortunately, even with an 8.5x11 planner, the monthly boxes are too small to fit in  my school plans, the kid's plans, blogging reminders, and even meal plans so I knew I needed something else.

I fell in love with the vertical weekly layout from Erin Condren, but the Day Designer for Blue Sky offers the same layout at a fraction of the cost; like $15 compared to $50. Wow!

Let's start with the cover.  It is oh so Kate Spade-ish with it's chic black and white stripes and gold coil.  I really want to monogram it but I'm nervous about it throwing off the chic-vibe going on.

The first few pages offer some great goal setting pages. I'll probably add in my Teacher Evaluation goals so that they are close at hand, but otherwise, I don't see me using this part often.

The vertical weekly planner is broken down by day and then again by hour, but that's a little much for me so I've just been using washi tape to cover over what I don't need! I love that for each weekly spread there is a column for to-do's for the week, an inspirational quote, a place to focus on gratitude and a place for notes as well as a spot to look ahead to next week.  Add in a Top 3 at the top of the page, which I've converted to my meal plan area, and a Tonight section at the bottom, which is where I keep track of my steps, and this planner gives me plenty of space to keep all of my life organized!

I really hope that this planner is released again next year because I have finally fallen in love with just one planner.

...and speaking of love, I am obsessed with this trend of planner decorating. Washi tape, stickers, vellum, you name it. It's satisfying my scrapbooking itch while being completely practical. Send me washi and stickers please? Kthanks.

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