The Busy Giffs: The Peanuts Movie and Dancing Snoopy

August 10, 2015

The Peanuts Movie and Dancing Snoopy

At Blogger Bash in NYC, I got to meet lots of brands and eat some amazing food. The breakfast and lunches were hosted by various companies and I loved the brunch hosted by The Peanuts Movie, which is coming out this November!


I am obsessed! You can tell that the artists really tried to stay true to the Peanuts characters that we know and love but we're finally going to really meet the Little Red Hair Girl!

The food was amazing but during breakfast we had a Q+A panel with many of the voice actors: Schroeder, Linus, Pig Pen, and the Little Red Haired Girl! They were adorable! The answers were so candid and cute, I was dying. I thought about kidnapping a couple of them. It's fine. At the end of the Q+A session, they raffled off one of their NEW Dancing Snoopy toys (that I know are going to be HUGE this year!) and I won!! Ahh! So excited!

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Snoopy plays classic songs and steps it up with some cool dance moves. My little man was very excited! How cute is he copying Snoopy's moves!?

Snoopy also gives kisses! Emma's favorite part!

I'll be buying this Dancing Snoopy for all my kids, young and old because Snoopy is perfect for every age!
Thanks again to Blogger Bash and the Peanuts Movie-- we love our new toy!

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