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July 22, 2015

Mister by the Sea: Funko Pops

Hello again, this is my second go at this blogging thing; I hope everyone liked my little piece on Loot Crate. With that being said I am here to introduce you into the world of FUNKO Pop! Vinyls. I got my first Pop! from my Loot Crate subscription and I instantly became hooked. They hold over 150 licenses including Disney, Walking Dead, Marvel, DC Comics and so many more.  

I collect Marvel and Star Wars with a separate collection of The Arrow and Flash because they are amazing, and even though my wife says she hates me for it, I think she secretly likes her Disney Princess collection more than she likes to admit. They come in all different shapes and sizes, the standard size POP! Is 4” and they get as big as 6” but they also make minis which normally stand 2” on average.

They are considered toys by most common folk, but if you ask any POP! Collector, they are very much collectables. When it comes to collecting, it is all about the exclusive stickers. All of the different types of exclusive stickers can be found on  

I have gotten most of my collection through trades on various Facebook groups, and websites such as Gemini Collectibles and Fugitive Toys. Local stores that sell them are Hot Topic and FYE. 

Every year the state of San Diego holds the Comic Cons of all Comic Cons. During this 3 day event men, women, and small children flock to see the celebrity Q&A panels, all the amazing cos-play costumes, and to purchase all the exclusive SDCC POPS! It gets so crazy at the FUNKO booth that you have to fill out a checklist of the ones you want to purchase, and they have to hand them to you as you stand in a line that they cut off after a certain amount of people for the entire day. I desperately want to go one day.

My collection has grown significantly since last October and it keeps growing, my only advice to whoever is starting a collection or who wants to start one is to collect for you and what you like, do not collect to just collect because it will get overwhelming very fast. Most people like to keep them in the box, like myself and my wife, and some take them out of the box, like my daughter. We have a pretty good collection going on.

 We love finding Funko Pops while we're out shopping and we want to start, or add to someone's collection! One lucky winner will get this Oogie Boogie figure!

US winners only. Box has some wear. In the event that the prize can not be fulfilled, another of equal value may be substituted.

Good Luck!

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