The Busy Giffs: Good Infant Oral Care with Nuk!

June 1, 2015

Good Infant Oral Care with Nuk!

I received product to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own.

The Princess had her first dentist check up a couple weeks ago.  We were without dental insurance for so long and I was petrified that her teeth would be a mess but thankfully, since we push good brushing habits on her, her teeth are still perfect! We make brushing our teeth a family event and we all stand in the bathroom, brushing together.
I don't want her to pretend to brush her teeth I want her to know that it's a GOOD thing to brush!
Because we are always brushing, the little man has taken a liking to brushing as well! He only has 4 teeth but we need to keep them healthy too!

Nuk makes an amazing three sided toothbrush and a gum and tooth paste that is designed for infants 3 months and older!

The toothbrush is gentle on gums with no nylon bristles and is easy to grip for both mama and the little one who wants to do it themselves! The toothbrush can be used from 6-36 months, while the gum and toothpaste can be used from 3 months on.

My little guy likes to suck the paste right off the brush so I'm happy that it is Flouride Free and safe to swallow. Nuk's gum and tooth paste is also free of articifical dyes and is both dairy free and gluten free-- I had never even considered those two things in my toothpaste!
The natural tasting apple and banana flavor was surprisingly good and I think Tyler brushed his teeth 4 times the first time we tried them out!

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