The Busy Giffs: The FIRST "Mister by the Sea" Post!

April 9, 2015

The FIRST "Mister by the Sea" Post!

Hello! Today is super special because it is the first installment of Mister by the Sea! My husband has been so so supportive of my writing and sheepishly approached me a week ago and said "I wrote a post about my subscription box, would you want to share it on your blog?" and I realized he is FULL of information I'm not. He agreed to post sporadically about his subscription boxes, his love of Funko Pops, man-ly around the house types of things, and his thoughts on babywearing and being a supportive husband so without further ado... his first post! There's even a giveaway! 

Hello everyone, I am Dave “Heather’s Husband”, and we decided to make a little side project where I will be putting my 2 pennies into her blog. 
This is my first post so bear with me. 
Today I will be writing about my Loot Crate experience, which I may say is amazing. 

If you are not familiar with Loot Crate it is made for all nerds and kids alike, every month you receive a black box full of nerdy goodies. I was originally disappointed because I was expecting an actual crate, but was super excited when I opened it up! This box is kind of like your lady boxes that are filled with make-up, hair products, panties etc. only this box is filled with what some would like to call “Kids Stuff” but I would call it “Amazingness in a box for kids and adult kids”.

I have received the November, December, January, February, and March boxes so far. The December box is my favorite so far because it came with am Exclusive Funko! Pop Vinyl. I highly recommend this box over the other companies because so far the items in the box are worth more than the subscription. 

Every month is a different theme. December's theme was ANNIVERSARY which included all of this:

And REWIND in January:
Plus PLAY in February:
 ...and COVERT in MARCH:

It is like getting a surprise birthday gift every month! 

One month subscription costs just under $20 with shipping and the products are worth over $45!
If you use the discount code SAVE3 you can save $3 on your subscription now

And because it's my first post, I want to offer a giveaway to you! I've hand selected some of the pieces from the boxes I've received and I'll ship them to one winner! Good luck!

Open to US winners only.

Not bad for his first try! Good luck!


  1. December looks awesome! What a great gift idea! Way to go with your first post Mister by the Sea!

  2. Oh My gosh! I love the James Bond shirt from march! I'd love to have that! Great job on your first post!!

  3. February would probably be most popular here.

  4. Great job! These are some nice subscription boxes, too! Especially when you need some new gift ideas!

  5. December would be for me haha.

  6. I saw this at 2015 Toy Fair thought this would be the perfect Father's Day present. With the upcoming Avengers and Star Wars releases your boxes are going to be awesome!

  7. what a great birthday/Father's Day present! my husband would love any of these, but especially January!


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