The Busy Giffs: Party PerfectDip Recipes for #DelimexFiesta Taquitos and Tacos!

April 1, 2015

Party PerfectDip Recipes for #DelimexFiesta Taquitos and Tacos!

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It has finally stopped snowing here! March was super snowy still but now that it's April, hello sunshine! 
However with more sunlight, comes more things we have to do: everyone has weekend birthday parties, youth soccer, baseball... it's like once the sun is shining, everyone is planning something! My three year old seriously has more friends than me; she is always invited somewhere each weekend.  We're quickly losing the little girl who is obsessed with mom and dad, and instead have a friendly, outgoing preschooler who is friends with everyone... I can just picture this time dwindling as she gets older and older, and hubs and I get less and less cool.
So needless to say, I am making the most of these days while she still thinks we're the best. My favorite days lately are the ones we stay home as a family, watching a basketball game or baseball game.  

Last weekend, there was an especially important basketball game, so the kids and I headed out to Walmart to grab some perfect game day treats. We had the hardest time finding the frozen appetizers though, because the big sign over the aisle only mentioned ice cream! 

We finally found the snacks and Emma immediately asked for "taco pops". 
She loves Delimex's Chicken and Cheese Taquitos. I love that they are quick and convenient to make so I can spend my time with her, instead of in the kitchen. 

And having a coupon never hurts!
We snagged this coupon (available here until 4/7 - expires 5/4) to save even more, and who doesn't love that?

First we grabbed the Chicken and Cheese Taquitos: flour tortillas stuffed full of delicious white meat chicken and jack cheese, seasoned with cilantro and peppers-- yum!
While the taquitos are delicious on their own, my husband always uses them as an excuse to get me to make my avocado lime ranch sauce. It is so simple and so delicious!

It's so easy and quick to make!
As much as I love my Avocado Lime Ranch sauce, I looooove a good salsa ranch dressing even more, and somehow it has less ingredients than the first!

These two dips are so easy but make such a delicious accompaniment to Delimex Taquitos!

And if chicken and cheese aren't up your alley, you could always try out the Delimex Beef and Cheddar Rolled Tacos.  We use them to make Emma's "taco pops". 

The Beef and Cheddar rolled tacos are in a corn tortilla rather than a flour tortilla, but just as yummy. 
We like to pile all of our Beef and Cheddar Rolled tacos on one plate with our choice of sauce and then add small bowls of salsa, sour cream, and chopped salad to our serving plates.

Everyone grabs a rolled taco and we dip into which ever sauce we want and then into the lettuce to make a delicious and healthy "taco pop"!

It's a delicious, easy, almost plate-free game-time snack that is perfect for bringing us all together! 
No plates means no dinner table means food and snugs on the couch; aka weekend perfection. 
It doesn't get much better than that. But I have to know, which dipping sauce are you going to try first?

And try out my new Pin It feature and save these delicious dips for later!


  1. I like things spicy, so I'd probably go with the Salsa Ranch dip! Taquitos are a great food to serve while watch a game - hardly any dishes to wash! #client

  2. Taco pops for a three-nager :-) I can say that because I have had a three-nager for three years now. She's six... so I know how that goes :-) These look delicious!

  3. Definitely sounds like a party! I wish my brain could make up recipes like this. Thanks for the quick recipes for my next get together.

  4. We'll be watching the Wisconsin v. Kentucky game this weekend so this is very timely. Thank you!

  5. Taco bars would be a win in my house. Love the avocado dip idea.

  6. I just love spicy things and these dips are looking even more delicious. Possibly next to next week I will be organizing a small party at New York event venues and I will definitely try it for my party menu.


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