The Busy Giffs: Ready for Spring Clothes? Then #SpringIntoCarters!

March 18, 2015

Ready for Spring Clothes? Then #SpringIntoCarters!

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While we're still fighting the end of winter, I am optimistic about Spring.  In the past few days we have spent way too much money on our Spring and Summer concert tickets and started to purge the kids' clothes to see what still fits and what needs to go!
After going through a few boxes of things I had bought on sale last year to see what would fit and what wouldn't I knew we needed to get some adorable spring time clothes!

Despite the rain, we headed off to Carter's in Sagamore, Ma to stock up on some bright and sunny new outfits!
First off, the store is beautiful! So bright and clean! The Princess bee-lined it for the display of dolls and immediately asked if she could have one particular doll! So cute!

I immediately went for the 4 displays that touted signs saying "$6 Tees and Shorts!"
Originally $8 each, they are only $6 each if you buy two or more.

These make the most adorable spring play clothes! They are all perfectly coordinated mix and match separates! There are lots of brights, pastels, florals, and nautical themed designs to satisfy everyone!

For the girls:

And for the boys:

Obviously, no good outfit is complete without some accessories and Carter's has a ton!
Whether you're looking for head bands, socks, or some delicate jewels, Carter's offers everything to complete an outfit!

In addition to scooping up some great play clothes for the kids, I knew we needs to grab a few dressier outfits too.  We have a memorial mass this weekend, family pictures, and Easter all coming up!
Carter's has a great selection of casual yet dressy Easter and family picture type clothes perfect for both my infant son and toddler girl! So many of those great accessories matched perfectly!

...and of course, their adorable "My First Easter" themed items!

While we had no plans to buy any bathing suits, seriously it's still only 30 degrees outside, Emma saw this flamingo one shoulder bathing suit and fell in love! We ended up purchasing bathing suits, sunglasses, and flip flops- hey, spring is close, right?!
All the items are basically a mix and match, all the way down to the sun-protective accessories, like hats, water shoes and sunglasses!
Carter's is offering their swimwear in larger sizes now- from 7 to 12! 

When we got home the Princess had to have a fashion show with some of her favorites! She loved picking out her own outfits and choosing her own poses! So cute!

We are obsessed with all the wonderful spring items Carter's has brought out this year and I know you are too! They have kindly given me a 25% off of $40 purchase coupon to share with all of you!
Check Carter's out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and say Thanks!

So you have to tell me, which items are your favorite?


  1. How do I sign up to work for influencer central? This is too cute!

  2. We have always loved Carters! Great quality and adorable clothes - terrific for baby gifts (I like to give bath towels, wash cloths and bath stuff)

  3. The colors are my favorite part of Carter's. I've been trying to avoid going as my daughter needs another dress like i need chocolate but I think I'm going to have to go. :)

  4. I miss the days of buying Carters! I loved their pajamas but now at 10 finding clothes that fit and aren't too little kid or too grown up is such a challenge. Enjoy those younger years!

  5. We LOVE Carter's! The price is always right and the coupons make it even better! Happy shopping everyone!


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