The Busy Giffs: Discover Something New with Influenster

November 24, 2014

Discover Something New with Influenster

I'm constantly being asked about blogging and all the perks that go along with it. My favorite perk is that I feel like I have a voice in the big wide interwebs and I love that some people look to me for recommendations on what they should and shouldn't be using or buying!

One of my favorite companies to work with to give my opinion is Influenster!

I've been able to test out lots of (free!) products, including Annie's frozen lasagna, the MD Complete Anti-Aging line from Target, a new Braun forehead thermometer, and Dr Scholl's Active Insoles, in addition to lots of other multi-company compiled boxes.

A photo posted by Heather (@heathgiff) on

A photo posted by Heather (@heathgiff) on

A photo posted by Heather (@heathgiff) on

Influenster lets you try out products designed for your lifestyle and then they really listen to what you have to say!
In addition to great products, they have developed an amazing community with product reviews and The Hub, designed to bring together the best parts of Influenster!

I love working with Influenster and am excited to continue!
Are you an opinionated, outgoing, social media aficionado and want to be involved with Influenster?! Drop your email in the comments or send me a message on Twitter or Instagram and I'll be happy to invite you to the club!

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