The Busy Giffs: Breastfeeding Milestone and Must-Haves

November 13, 2014

Breastfeeding Milestone and Must-Haves

We did it! We made it to six months of breastfeeding!
Even though I find breastfeeding to be easy (I have been so lucky and I'm so grateful we haven't had any issues), I set smaller goals as I work my way to hopefully nursing for one full year.
Sometimes breastfeeding looks like me curled up on the couch with the little man, and sometimes it looks like the Princess or the husband giving the little man a bottle of expressed milk.
That being said, the husband and I have come up with a few of our favorite breastfeeding must haves.

Gillian & O'Malley Nursing Bras
I am a huge fan of these particular nursing bras.  They are lined, comfy and inexpensive!
A Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping bra is a plus if you're a working mom as well!

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
Life savers. Plain and simple. I have at least 4 in every bag I own. Never know when you'll need a new pair.

Munchkin Bottle Warmer
The husband swears by this! It is much quicker and more convenient for him to prepare a frozen pmped milk bottle with this than running it under water by hand for 5+ minutes!

Lansinoh Milk Storage bags
I only trust my milk in Lansinoh bags. I won't even try other bags at this point.

Joovy Boob Bottles
Joovy's bottles offer multiple nipple sizes and really imitate the nipple so there's no confusion!

Undercover Mama Tank Tops
I will breastfeed in public just about anywhere thanks to Undercover Mama tanks.  My belly is covered and I feel more confident.

Nurse Purse
I'm obsessed with how gorgeous a breast pump bag can be! I've received more compliments on my breast pump bag than I can count, and no on is the wiser!

Do you use these products already? Let me know what is on your must haves in the comments! 

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