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October 22, 2014

The Joovy Room

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Little man has been on the move lately. Like really on the move.  He's not crawling so I'm not sure how he is so mobile but I'll leave him in one spot and 2 minutes later, he's facing the other direction 4 feet from where he started!

I'm not leaving him alone for long but simple things like using the bathroom or grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, now leaves me paranoid he's going to scootch himself under the couch or find one of the Princess' toys and shove it into his mouth!. It's petrifying knowing he can get into more stuff now!

We love Joovy products so looking at Joovy's site for a playard was common sense for us. The husband instantly spotted the bright orange Joovy Room and decided it was the one we needed. We had the option of ordering it directly from the Joovy website or heading to one of hundreds of stores to pick it up.

The Joovy Room starts out looking like a traditional playard, all folded up and zipped into a protective bag but opening it was such a breeze and much easier to set up than other playards we used with our first child. It was a bit heavier than other playards, weighing in at 34 pounds, but it's because the Joovy Room comes with so many fabulous extras. I love that it can be broken down to such a small size.  It could be stored under the crib easily so it's not taking up precious space when not in use, however, I wish the bag had wheels on it to help it get to little man's room a bit easier.

Immediately upon opening, we realized this was no ordinary playard. The fabric feels strong and durable, and the design is sleek and modern- not childish like so many playards are.

The Joovy Room offers more than a typical playard, including a bassinet, changing station, and parent organizer.
Tyler is just under 15 lbs so he just makes the cut for using the bassinet however, we don't use the bassinet because he sleeps in his crib already! It's great to have to be able to use from night one home but it's not something we really needed to use.

I am in love with the parent organizer! It has 9 little storage compartments total, and we're using all of them! The hard top has 3 cubbies that we use for storing binkies, butt cream, and the nose frida. Two of the fabric compartments hold diapers and wipes, and the rest are full of toys! It's great to get all the toys off the floor and feels like they "belong" in those cubbies!

The Joovy Room also has an built in MP3 jack and a night light! You just hook it up to your phone to play music through the speakers and control the volume directly through your phone! If you don't feel like using your music, you can choose one of the preloaded songs, but there's no volume control for those. We use the MP3 option because little man is a big fan of the Rock A Bye Lullabies and loves listening it them while playing inside the Room.

The removable changing table supports a baby up to 25 pounds and is vinyl! Hooray for easy clean up after little has a massive blow out! After the change, you simply wipe it down and move on with your life! The changing pad also has 4 storage cubbies if you need even more space to house the essentials!

When I first set up the "mattress" part of the Room, I was a bit concerned, as I had seen some negative reviews as I was doing my research before purchasing. While it is thin, it's important to remember that it's a playard, not a mattress and the 100% cotton sheet that is included with the Room, makes it a comfortable play place for my little guy.  The added feature of the velcro straps going through the base of the playard to secure the sheet is even more comfort for me, knowing the sheet can't bunch up under the little guy.  I always had to use a random blanket or sheet with my daughter and I was constantly afraid she would smoosh it up under her face.

The Joovy Room has 2 wheels which makes moving it while set up super easy. Just lift one side and it's easy to push across the room or down the hallway. 

The little guy loves hanging out in the Room with his toys and I love that I feel comfortable using the bathroom stepping away for a minute, knowing he won't get himself into any trouble.

The Room comes in your choice of three colors and I'm in love with all of them! The navy and black are neutral enough to fit into any home, and the orange just screams fun!

We are so happy we got the Joovy Room, I just wish we had it three years ago for the Princess too!

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