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October 27, 2014

The Joovy Boob

Disclaimer: This a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I've clearly been on a Joovy kick lately and had to share about these ridiculously adorable bottles by Joovy, aptly named the Boob.

I had to check them out after seeing that they had won a Cribsie award!

The PPSU Bottles are BPA/PVC free and will not absorb any odors and is perfectly designed to fit right in your hand.

My favorite part of the entire design is that the entire bottle is only 5 pieces, including the cover! There are no weird, tiny pieces that have to be lined up just right.  Instead, the Boob offers a one piece CleanFlow vent that makes cleaning the bottle a breeze and allows venting regardless of how you hold the bottle!

This is what the Boob looks like without the cap and nipple:

You can see the little air vent and how easy the set up is!

Speaking of caps and nipples, the Boob offers 5 different size nipples:
Stage 0, Preemie, 0+ Months
Stage 1, Slow Flow, 0+ Months
Stage 2, Medium Flow, 3+ Months
Stage 3, Fast Flow, 6+ Months
Stage X, Extra Fast Flow for Thicker Fluids, 6+ Months

The base is wider and the nipple is longer to help assist with proper latching, helping breastfeeding last longer!

Joovy also makes an insulator to help keep bottles warmer longer!  Studies show babies do better with milk that is closer to body temperature so it's an awesome new product not seen on any other bottles.

And finally, the greatest part of the Boob bottles:
They offer a breast pump adapter!!!

The breast pump adapter allows you to use a Medela, Lansinoh, Playtex, Evenflo, Simplisse, or Ameda breast pump and pump directly into the Boob bottles.  Rather than transferring the milk into another container or a milk storage bag, you can simply use a Boob sealing cap and you're ready to pack it up to bring home!

I am obsessed with the Joovy Boob Giftset.  It is the perfect starter gift for a new mom, offering both sizes of bottles, nipples in all 5 sizes, an insulator for each bottle size, breast pump adapters, sealing caps, and a bottle and nipple brush! You can pick it up for only $129 from Joovy's website, or you can use their handy Store Locator to find a place local to pick up! You can also find Joovy on Facebook and Twitter!

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