The Busy Giffs: Little Man is 5 (and a half) Months!

October 18, 2014

Little Man is 5 (and a half) Months!


There's no 5 month check up so we're not completely sure but he is growing! His feet hang out the end of his infant car seat and is getting taller every day.
He's just shy of 15 pounds as well.


This boy knows how to smile! He has the most crooked smile and loves to smile at everyone! His eyes have turned a dark grey and still have strawberry blonde hair.  He is such a little Irish man. 

Firsts and Milestones:

We're moving! Little man is scootching himself around. He can complete a full circle on his own in less than 5 seconds, can push himself backwards, and is now pushing himself up on his hands and knees. He loves sucking chewing on his thumb and gnawing on all of his toys.  We are definitely hitting early teething.


We had a pretty bad wakeful period but we're back to only one or two wake ups, which is awesome as he's still just nursing! He'll have one or two nights where he's up constantly but that just means he's growing right?


I'm still holding off on solids.  I don't know why I'm still holding off but I'm sure by the next update, he'll be eating solids more regularly.  As of now, I'm still pumping at work and still pumping more than he's consuming so my freezer stash continues to grow!


He yells! Ha! He yells at the cat, at Emmalee, and at anything he's excited about.  It's so awesome to hear.  He also continues to laugh every day.

His favorites:

The cat and his toys are his new favorites.  He is always trying to grab one of them and is constantly "yelling" at them! He will even move his body to get to certain toys or to be looking at the cat.
He still loves to eat and loves to hold on to things.
He loves chewing on everything, especially blankets and his thumb!

My favorites:

I love that he sleeps on his belly, just like I do with one leg pulled up closer to his body than the other.
His (still) toothless grin.
His belly laugh is still the best sound I've heard.

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