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September 26, 2014

Home Projects I Wish I Had Done

Now that the sun is setting earlier and I'm back at work, I'm really feeling the end of summer.
There were so many things I thought I'd accomplish over the summer, you know, since I was out of work for almost 4 months, but I didn't accomplish any of it. I guess I have a pretty good excuse.. since I had a kid and all... Tyler's room is literally the only room that I don't have anything else I want to do to it...

My pinterest board is overflowing and I have so many things I want to do to our brand new house so I figured I'd start an actual list to help me stay directed.

Outdoor Space

1. Create a walkway to the side door.
2. Create a play place for Emmalee.
3. Stain/paint the decks.
4. Create a patio in the backyard off of the deck.
5. Build a fire pit
6. Build horseshoe pit
7. Find the perfect door knocker
8. Install storm doors
9. Make corrugated steel planters

Living Room

1. New tv stand 
2. Throw pillows 
3. Hack coffee table
4. Repaint living room and hallway
5. New curtains and rug in living room.

Master Bedroom

1. DIY a headboard for the Master
2. Re-do Master closet
3. Hack Rast side tables.
4. Buy new dressers for Master
5. Repaint walls

Emma's Room

1. Repaint her sparkle wall
2. New closet organization


1. Make a growth chart ruler for the bathroom.
2. Repaint walls
3. Paint cabinets to a slate color


1. Install central air unit
2. Finish it - huge project which will include walls, a new bathroom, a laundry room, a playroom, a craft corner, and a man cave. That might be a few years down the road...

Do you have to keep a list like this? What's on your project lists?

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