The Busy Giffs: Clean Up Stroller Clutter With The Joovy VaryLight

September 9, 2014

Clean Up Stroller Clutter With The Joovy VaryLight

Disclosure: I received a Joovy VaryLight for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When we moved I realized I had a bit of a problem with strollers. I apparently hoard them. We had SEVEN strollers when we were packing! Seriously?! Who needs Seven strollers when you only have two kids?

Apparently, me. I had 2 jogging strollers, a Snap and Go, a Sit and Stand, 2 umbrella strollers, and the stroller that was part of our travel system all hoarded in different parts of our house.  

I had seven different strollers because I needed them for different things.
Each stroller only served one purpose.  One jogging stroller was a gift, the other had a pocket to hold my phone and water bottle while out, a Snap and Go just for the baby's seat, a Sit and Stand if I had both kids, lightweight umbrella strollers in each car for Emmalee if I would be babywearing the little man, and the stroller designed to go with little man's car seat. Yikes, I'm tired just thinking it...

Thankfully the Joovy VaryLight lets me condense my stroller collection!
The Joovy VaryLight  is a tandem stroller that expands from a single stroller to a double stroller and is perfect for children from birth (with the use of a car seat adapter, sold separately) to 55 lbs!

The Joovy VaryLight can be used in a variety of positions.

As you can see, the car seat adapter can be used in the front or back position which lends to lots of ways to use the Joovy VaryLight.
You can see a few of the ways we have used it here.

It makes a perfect stroller for the little man, if I have both kids, or if I only have the princess.

Opening the Joovy VaryLight is a breeze.

The front seat offers a five point harness, three position recline seat, a swing away tray and and a great over sized canopy with a sunvisor extension that provides extra protection.  The back seat offers a standing platform or a three point harness seat belt and bench for older riders. Both seats offer seat belts so I know both kids are safe regardless of which seat they are in.
I love that the VaryLight can function as a single stroller, or as a double stroller with either a bench sitter or a platform stander and switching between the configurations is super simple. Unhook the latch, a quick and simple pull, and then relatch!

And when we're done using the roller, it can easily fold up with one hand again!

The Joovy VaryLight is exactly that, very light! At less than 34 pounds, it's also lightweight and easy to move between cars if needed.  Even with two kids strapped in, I can push the stroller easily with one hand! The sturdy polyurethane tires help make it for a nice smooth ride. Additionally, the extra large storage basket can hold a full sized diaper bag and my purse with room to spare!

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