The Busy Giffs: Why Do People Still Ask This Question?

July 31, 2014

Why Do People Still Ask This Question?

At Blogger Bash, I had something terrible happen.
So bad, I almost cried. Like right there, in the middle of the conference.
And it's because some people don't have tact and ask stupid questions.

The question that was asked:


Really? Really?!
I don't know you from a hole in the wall and you ask me that as I'm standing next to you.
Maybe I'm being sensitive because I've always been sensitive about my weight but c'mon...

What if I had abdominal seperation or Diastasis Recti?
What if I had infertility issues and you asked that?
What if I'm just overweight?
What if I'm 9 weeks post partum and even though I weigh less than when I first got pregnant, everything is in the wrong place still?
... oh wait, that one is true...

But seriously, why do people think it's okay to ask this question.
Unless a woman straight up looks at you and says "I'm Pregnant", you shouldn't ask this question!

And fun fact, it happened 3 months after having the Princess... same thing.. at a blogging event and someone asked...

So I need to know, am I being crazy? Or do you think it's totally inappropriate to ask as well?

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