The Busy Giffs: Happy 2 Months Little Man!

July 9, 2014

Happy 2 Months Little Man!

At the beach on Sunday, I realized this little guy is 2 months old now!
Where does the time go?


At the doctor yesterday, he measured 24" and 12 lbs, 8 oz! He's growing so well, the doctor was really happy.  He now falls into the 75th percentile for babies his age.  Not too shabby.


Such a little man.  Everyone who sees him or his pictures comments on how much he looks like a little old man.
No more little baby acne, perfect blue eyes, and his hair is so light! Sometimes it looks reddish, but mostly blonde.  The dark hair he was born with is growing out so it looks like he has the old man tuft of hair on the top while the rest stretches from one ear to the other.  I love it!

Firsts and Milestones:

He still likes to roll over but he's grabbing on to things now. This includes me while nursing or a toy that Emma is holding up for him and her hair! She is not a fan!

He smiles all.the.time. I love it.  Such a happy little man! He loves his daddy a ton and laughs whenever he's around.

He can also hold his head up like a champ.  Tummy time leads to the head fully up, looking around.  The doctor was super impressed with his neck muscles and his grip!


This month was harder than the first.  Growth spurts led to restless nights and a lot more nursing but even then I can't complain.  Maybe 5 bad nights all month long? Totally doable.
He loves to sleep in his swing or cuddled against someone, but his absolute favorite place to sleep is our bed. Not sure what it is but he loves it.
He's still sleeping in his Rock N Play next to our bed but loves his middle of the night feedings because he lays in bed next to me.


Breastfeeding exclusively still, or as Emma calls it "drinkin mama's boobie milk".  He's been a lot more efficient, only nursing for about 20-30 minutes at a time.  At night, he likes to cluster feed and then fall asleep for a few hours.
He's taken a bottle from David and Emmalee now and doesn't fight it at all.  Will definitely make it easier when I go back to work. 


We have a coo-er! And he laughs.  Best sounds. His laugh is this like inhaled noise but it always accompanies a huge smile.  He coos and has "talks" with me and his animals on his swing and bouncey seat.  

His favorites:

Eating, still. Loves eating.
Going outside in the carrier.
Moving.  Just moving.  Gets tempermental if he's stuck in his carseat not moving or doing anything.
Car rides - always falls asleep.
Talking to people.  Gets a huge smile when people talk to him.

My favorites:

How independent he's becoming already.  I was able to go to the gym on my own while he stayed with David, to the beach with Emmalee while he stayed with David...
It's not to say I leave him home all the time but our family has trasnitioned to a second baby so easily. Emmalee screamed bloody murder and wouldn't take a bottle from anyone when she was a baby so I'd feel guilty every time I left the house.  He's just so content that it makes it easier on me to take care of the rest of the family (including me!) as well.
All of that, and that damn smile. Melts my heart every time!

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