The Busy Giffs: Yoplait Greek Yogurt #Tasteoff

June 10, 2014

Yoplait Greek Yogurt #Tasteoff

Want to know a fun fact?
I have texture issues when it comes to food.
I won't eat certain things becuase of the way they feel.
This includes some jello, certain yogurts, even soups!
I have to dump the liquid out of sour cream (or shake it so I don't even see it....).
I don't like mac n cheese or coffee either if you want confirmation that I'm weird...

Anyways, I was hesitant to try the Yoplait Tasteoff because I tried greek yogurt once and I did not like it, but I went in with an open mind and figured a bite or two wouldn't hurt.

Klout sent me a #Tasteoff kit and I sent my husband to the store to pick up Yopailt and Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt.  We peeled off the covers and popped them in the holder.

I hesitantly took a bite of one and instantly tasted that sour taste I associated with greek yogurt the first time I tried it. Boo.
I tried the other. 
And then had another bite.  It was light, creamy and not sour!
So I picked it up and snapped a picture:

I was thrilled!
The Yoplait Greek was delicious! I ended up eating the rest of the container!
And at 100 calories, I didn't feel guilty.
Now if I could just find more in the store...

Have you tried Yoplait Greek 100? Did you have blueberry or strawberry? I can't wait to try more flavors!

Disclaimer: I was offered this product complimentary from Klout.

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