The Busy Giffs: Blogger Opportunity with Organized Chaos!

June 30, 2014

Blogger Opportunity with Organized Chaos!

Shana at Organized Chaos is looking for some bloggers to help her out with her giveaway in July! 

I’m planning a giveaway for the month of July! Yay! I will be giving away goods straight from South Africa and I would LOVE everyone’s participation! These are items that are truly unique to this country and I’m excited to share this with someone! The full prize pack will be dependant upon the number of bloggers who join up! Items will include: a two set coffee mugs featuring a big five animal as well as choice brand coffee ($27 value), exclusive handmade African jewellery ($30) and a handmade South African handbag ($30). More items will be added if entries are enough! I think this is going to be an AMAZING giveaway so please spread the word! #SABloggerOpp

Get a free twitter link in the giveaway with this Announcement Post!
Just send a link to @ShanaMom2

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