The Busy Giffs: Baby Update: 36 Weeks

April 12, 2014

Baby Update: 36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks!
Symptoms: Painful lightening crotch. Baby is still breech so all those kicks are going down, instead of into my ribs. 
Total weight gain/loss: +10
Maternity clothes? Lots of maternity. Loving the pretty spring colors I've been wearing lately, but I'll be even more excited to start wearing dresses soon!
Sleep:  Still only waking up once a night and then really early. 
Best moment this week:  Getting to Friday! It's been such a long crazy week! Unpacking the baby's room feels pretty wonderful too! Here's a little peek!

Movement: It's getting more painful.  He's running out of room and I can feel it. Lots of jabs and at times it feels like he's tsretching out to a star shape and it hurts! I can feel his head in my ribs and all of his kicks are down so that hurts.  I just keep praying he'll flip!
Food cravings:  Noting specific still, but when I see things I need to have them. 
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: Nope, but I am getting random lightening crotch pains so that sucks.

Belly Button in or out?  In. But way shallower, maybe for not much longer.
What I miss: Not being stressed about breech! It wasn't even something I had thought about and now I'm researching c-sections and moxibustion so it's a different stress than I had with Emmalee.
What I am looking forward to: School vacation week! Only 4 more work days to go!
Weekly Wisdom:  Taking time out for yourself is the best thing you can do sometimes.
Milestones:  Officially in my 9th month, and have less than a month to go! If it's a scheduled c section, only 3 more weeks! Yikes.

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