The Busy Giffs: Vera Bradley Summer 2014

March 19, 2014

Vera Bradley Summer 2014

Vera Bradley has done it.
They finally created the most amazingly, perfect print.

I love Vera but even when I like a print, it still never feels perfect. I want a print that I can use everyday that will match all of my clothes.
Say hello to Petal Paisley!

It is the perfect neutral navy with pops of color everywhere.
I wear navy like a neutral instead of black and this bag would go with everything!

I was so excited to get this season's catalog and here are the other gorgeous colors (and some new styles!) they are offering!


Flower Shower:


The prints are not on the website if you search "Colors" but you can see them if you look at the New Arrivals, even though they are not available yet!

I must know, which print is your favorite?

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