February 6, 2014

Build A Bear Workshop

Emma was given a Build A Bear gift card for Christmas and we just HAD to go use it immediately!

Warning: Picture Heavy!

Even though it was her first time there, she ran right to the animals and immediately picked out a pink elephant!

She LOVED finding a "ballet outfit" for her elephant.  Everything is ballet lately!
She even picked out a small green frog stuffed animal for the new baby.  I almost cried when she came running up and said "for you baby, mommy!"

She wouldn't take a good picture because she kept dancing with the elephant!
But how stinkin' cute is she!
She keeps talking about the "bear store" so I'm sure we'll be heading back eventually!

1 comment:

  1. She looks so happy! I think she picked the perfect item, especially the tutu! How adorable. My son loves build a bear workshop as well. Stopping by from SITS girls.0



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