The Busy Giffs: Birthday Weekend Recap

February 25, 2014

Birthday Weekend Recap

So far, 28 hasn't been so bad!
We started the weekend with the signing of a purchase and sales agreement!
Happy birthday to me, right?
I'll share more about the house later!

Dave treated me to a breakfast I didn't have to cook or clean up after: Dunkin Donuts! Ha!

Then we went off to go see the Lego Movie, which was ridiculously cute!
We picked up some sushi (crabmeat-no raw fish!) and went home to relax!
Friday night was spent at the hairdressers getting a cut while my friend watched Emmalee!

Saturday, we were up early for swimming lessons and since it was Emmalee's last, my mom met us to watch!
She also brought cupcakes, a nursing tank, gift cards to Home Goods and Cupcake Charlie's, as well as Cadbury mini eggs and Dove chocolates!
She totally spoiled me!

Emma and I went right to the Macaroni Kid Baby Brunch (more info tomorrow!) after and stopped at Charming Charlies and Marylou's on the way!

We got to try out some really great products!

Then it was time for dinner with my friends!
In honor of National Margarita Day, we went to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Plymouth.
I had not one, but TWO watermelon margaritas, virgin of course. 
Topped off with some fried ice cream and it was heavenly!

And then Sunday was spent in pj's most of the day-- glorious!

If 28 could keep going this way, that would be awesome!

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